When Are ‘The Bachelor’ Hometown Dates And Who Are Ben Higgins’ Final Four Girls?

Bachelor Ben Higgins’ hometown dates are still a few weeks away, but fans are already wondering who his final four girls are and who he will pick for the overnight dates in Jamaica.

The hometown dates episode is scheduled to air on February 22 on ABC and spoilers reveal that one of the girls will be blindsided by Ben when he eliminates her after meeting her family.

Who will get picked for hometown dates and who is the girl Ben sends home at the end of the episode? Here’s the scoop on what fans can expect to happen on Episode 8 and who will head to the Fantasy Suite dates.

According to the Ink Free News, Ben visited his own hometown of Warsaw, Indiana, in late October, one week before the hometowns were filmed with Becca Tilley, Emily Ferguson, Lauren Bushnell, Caila Quinn, Joelle Fletcher, and Amanda Stanton.

Photos on Twitter also show Ben at a carnival with Amanda Stanton and dining out with Lauren Bushnell, so it appears that they are the two girls who got the one-on-one dates that week.

Blogger Reality Steve was certain that Becca Tilley was one of the four girls who would be picked for hometowns, but days later he changed his spoilers to reflect that Ben sent her home at the rose ceremony in Indiana.

According to WetPaint, Ben sent both Becca Tilley and Emily Ferguson home at the rose ceremony in Indiana, leaving him with his four remaining girls for hometowns — Caila Quinn, JoJo Fletcher, Lauren Bushnell, and Amanda Stanton.

Filming for the Episode 8 hometown dates took place at the end of October. Ben traveled to meet Caila Quinn’s family in Ohio, visited JoJo Fletcher in Texas, spent time with Lauren Bushnell and her family in Oregon, and spoilers indicate that he met Amanda Stanton’s two young daughters during his trip to her home in Orange County, California.

Although Ben spent time with Amanda and her daughters, spoilers indicate that she is the girl he sends home at post-hometowns rose ceremony. Fans won’t know for sure why he eliminated her until the episode airs, but expect the chatter on Twitter to point to Ben not being ready to become an instant father at age 26.

The three remaining girls — JoJo Fletcher, Caila Quinn, and Lauren Bushnell — all move on to the overnight dates at the Sandals Royal Plantation in Jamaica (air date February 29). All three girls meet Ben’s parents during their one-on-one dates and they will also be offered a key to the Fantasy Suite with Ben.

Whether the girls do the horizontal mambo with Ben during their time in the Fantasy Suite probably won’t be revealed, but Reality Steve states that Ben did spend the night with all three girls.

Spoilers point to Caila Quinn getting eliminated after the overnights, leaving JoJo and Lauren B. as Ben’s final two. Will the spoilers be right this season and who does Ben give his final rose to?

Watch the Bachelor on Monday night’s on ABC to find out who Ben proposes to on the March 14 finale.

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