Amy Duggar Is Fasting For Marriage And Bikini Season, Thinks Anna Duggar’s Marriage Can Be Saved

Amy Duggar King is embarking on a 21-day fast that is supposed to be all about strengthening her faith. However, she’s turning her church’s fasting challenge into the motivation she needs to slim down before bikini season, and she and her husband, Dillon King, are also using the fast to work on their marriage. After spending some time reflecting on holy matrimony, it sounds like Amy might be convinced that Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar can save their own struggling marriage.

In her latest post on the DillandDuggs blog, Amy Duggar reveals that her church recently challenged members of its congregation to fast for 21 days. Christians usually fast by giving up a worldly pleasure so that they can work on their relationship with God, and but Amy decided that she would give up TV so that she would have time to work on her relationship with Dillon. According to People, Amy and Dillon were married less than five months ago.

“My church is encouraging us to fast from something important in our lives and to focus that time on our spiritual growth,” Amy Duggar writes in her blog post. “Dillon and I have never fasted before as a couple. So we decided that we would give up television and use that time instead to focus on our marriage.”

Amy Duggar Fasts With Husband Dillon King

Amy writes that she and Dillon have been working on their marriage by praying together and reading a Christian self-help book about love, called The 5 Love Languages. According to Slate, there’s one anecdote in the book about a woman who is told that she can save her borderline abusive marriage by offering herself to her husband sexually for six months.

Amy Duggar isn’t just trading TV for reading questionable self help books during her fast – she has also decided to abstain from sweets like soda, apple pies, and ice cream. However, it doesn’t sound like Amy’s food fast has much to do with her faith.

“In addition to reading and praying more as a couple, I am also giving up sweets which is seriously going to be a struggle! I realize bikini season is coming up and I also just want to feel better about the choices I make,” Amy writes. “The fast started only a week ago and I’m already having some serious withdrawals!”

Some Duggar fans might be amazed to learn that Amy Duggar doesn’t subscribe to her cousins’ crazy rules about swimwear – she actually wears bikinis, not those heavy-looking modest swimsuits with knee-length skirts that Michelle Duggar is so fond of.

Amy Duggar Bikini Photo

After using her blog as a confessional by revealing that she snuck a “frozen nutty bar” while Dillon was in the shower, Amy Duggar shares her thoughts about marriage and infidelity.

“The divorce rate is through the roof these days! Cheating on your spouse is an epidemic. In this day of age so many people have the mentality that once the butterflies wear off, couples give up, they stop communicating and they eventually let their relationship dissolves [sic].”

Cheating is most likely on Amy Duggar’s mind because her cousin, Josh Duggar, has admitted to cheating on his wife of seven years, Anna Duggar. Last August, Gawker discovered that he had an account on the Ashley Madison website, and this revelation forced Josh to come clean about his secret life. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Amy Duggar said that she felt “rage” and “sadness” after learning about Josh’s infidelity, and she labeled her cousin a “fraud.” However, it sounds like she might believe that Josh and Anna Duggar’s marriage can be saved.

“I believe in miracles, I believe God can heal any relationship, and bring it back to a healthy loving union,” Amy writes in her blog post. “I believe God can restore families. Jesus is in the restoring business!”

Perhaps Anna Duggar convinced Amy that any relationship can be healed by reacting to Josh Duggar’s cheating scandal the way that she did. On an episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On, Anna said that she was not going to divorce Josh because she takes her marriage vows very seriously.

Anna Duggar Hangs With Amy

Josh is taking a break from his familial duties by spending a few months at a Christian recovery center, and his family members have been filling in for him by offering Anna emotional support while he’s away. Amy told Us Weekly that she talks to Anna a lot, and she commended Josh’s wife for staying strong.

What do you think of Amy Duggar’s bikini and marriage fast? Is she missing the point of giving up worldly pleasures for 21 days? And is it dangerous to believe that any relationship can be healed through the power of prayer?

[Image via Dillon & Amy King/Facebook]