Selena Gomez And Hailey Baldwin 'Awkward Alert' As Justin's Girls Party At Same Restaurant

When Justin Bieber's "girls" both party at the same restaurant on the same night, it's more than possible that things could get "majorly awkward." Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin each decided that The Nice Guy was the place to go on Sunday, January 17, and neither of them managed to look "really too happy" when they left the restaurant that night. Awkward!

It seems likely that Selena and Hailey saw each other and took evasive action, "narrowly avoiding a run-in" as they partied. Selena, 23, is Justin's "serious ex-girlfriend," and Hailey, 19, is the one who is rumored to be dating Justin, 21, now. Hollywood Life reports that with both the ladies at the same restaurant, there's every chance that there was an "uncomfortable meeting," and eyewitnesses support that suggestion.Dressed in a sexy black outfit, Selena "oozed heaps of confidence" as she walked to her car after leaving the restaurant, but she made sure to have her long hair swinging over her face to cover it. Selena kept "her head down" as well and seemed to be trying "to keep a low-profile." Gomez didn't have the look of someone who was enjoying the party.

Hailey had a similar appearance of "having something on her mind." Hailey was at The Nice Guy with her dad, Stephen Baldwin, but even though they have a good father-daughter relationship, Hailey looked as downcast as Selena as she got into her car. Her head was low, like Selena's, and the model "didn't flash a smile."

Fans have a lot to say about who Justin should be dating. Some will never give up on "Jelena" and hope that Justin and Selena will get back together. One Twitter user said it's easy to know that Justin and Selena are forever because Selena is always in Justin's heart and Justin is always in Selena's heart.Others would love to see Justin and Hailey become a permanent fixture, but Hailey's father insists the two aren't even dating.The Nice Guy location is especially awkward for any confrontation between Selena and Hailey. Justin loves partying at the popular Hollywood restaurant, and it was a romantic night out destination for Justin and Selena back in November 2015. That was the evening Justin serenaded Selena at the Montage in Beverly Hills. On that occasion, Justin sang "My Girl" to Selena so romantically that a witness described it as "pure magic."To be back in the place where the couple partied after such a romantic experience must have been at least "bittersweet" for Selena. Hailey can't have liked the reminder that Justin's heart might not be all hers!

It's hard to say whether the memory of past relationships or dealing with present relationships was the biggest problem for Selena on Sunday evening. Although she's been "hot and heavy" with Niall Horan lately, the singer was spotted out with fashion executive Samuel Krost. Celebuzz reported that Selena and Sam were out at 10Ak in Los Angeles on Thursday night and were definitely "packing on the PDA" together. An insider described Selena's date with Sam.

"She came in with a group of friends, She was with guys and girls, but she was holding hands with Sam. She was all over him. She wasn't paying attention to anyone else but him."
Whether or not the stories about Justin dating Hailey are true, it's sad that Hailey and Selena have awkwardness between them. What do you think? Will Hailey eventually be able to feel comfortable with Selena?

[Photo by JMA/STAR MAX/IPx]