Birdman Confirms Lil Wayne Feud Is Over, Father-Son Bond Is Back

Lil Wayne and Birdman are no longer feuding and were even spotted out together on Sunday at the LIV nightclub in Miami. It looks like the fight is over now that Birdman and Lil Wayne are spending time together again, according to TMZ. So what happens with the still-active lawsuit Lil Wayne has against his mentor?

Birdman and Lil Wayne performed together at LIV on Sunday night. It was during that performance when Birdman confirmed that he and Lil Wayne have ended their ugly feud. Birdman even told the excited crowd, “This my motherf***ing son and Ima die for him.” Birdman continued in the video obtained by TMZ saying, “Ima live for him and Ima motherf***ing kill for him. Ya hear me? That ain’t never gonna change, f***er. It’s YMCMB for life.”

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Lil Wayne and Birdman were first seen together at Drake’s New Year’s Eve party a few weeks ago. It was reported that the peacekeeper who brought his two friends and business partners back together was Mack Maine, who is also on the Young Money label, which falls under Birdman’s Cash Money Records. All three rappers were pictured together during the party with Drake after Lil Wayne and Birdman surprisingly squashed their beef.

Now, there is the issue of Lil Wayne’s lawsuit against Birdman. Just a year ago, Wayne filed a lawsuit against Cash Money Records and Birdman, whose real name is Brian Williams, in the amount of $51 million. Lil Wayne sued his mentor and father-figure, claiming that he refused to release Lil Wayne’s album, Tha Carter V, causing him a huge financial hardship. It’s unclear what Lil Wayne plans to do about the lawsuit, but the legal proceedings are currently active despite his reunion with the man he calls his father.

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It seems that Birdman didn’t really want to feud with Lil Wayne at all. Over the summer when asked about the battle between the two rappers, Birdman told Power 105’s Angie Martinez, “That’s my son at the end of the day. I’m going to support him.” That was just after Jay Z’s streaming service dropped the Free Weezy album, prompting a lawsuit from Birdman.

It wasn’t all love in 2015, though, despite what Birdman might have said. The New Orleans-based rapper and record label mogul was indicted after Lil Wayne’s tour bus was shot full of holes after an Atlanta concert. A cell phone used by the convicted shooter made a phone call to Birdman after the incident, causing authorities to investigate a the feud as a possible motive for the shooting.

Naturally, Birdman denied any involvement in the shooting, which was rumored to be tied to both him and another Lil Wayne rap enemy, Young Thug. Instead, Birdman claimed he was surprised by Lil Wayne’s Twitter rant against him around the same time and argued that he and his rapper “son” had no beef.

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“That was shocking to everybody,” Birdman told Angie Martinez back in July, 2015. “I never thought he would say anything negative about me ever, in no lifetime. I never thought that could ever happen. For that man to open his mouth and say something negative about me, that was a lot. That s**t f***ed my day up.” Then Birdman went on about Lil Wayne, saying, “I love my son. He mean the world to me. For that man to say something negative about me, that affected my life.”

Now that Lil Wayne and Birdman have made up, fans are hoping to see Wayne’s album released. Tha Carter V has been a long time coming, the reason why Lil Wayne was so upset when the release kept getting delayed. It’s no secret that Wayne could use the income from the highly-anticipated album drop. Fans are clamoring to hear new content from Lil Wayne, as well.

Check out the video below of Lil Wayne and Birdman’s reunion at the LIV nightclub in Miami. Be warned, though, there is quite a bit of adult language in the clip.

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