Blackberry App World Records 3 Billion Downloads As RIM Suffers

Blackberry maker Research in Motion may be suffering through multi-million dollar losses but the company had some good news to deliver on Saturday as Blackberry App World has now delivered more than 3 billion downloads.

The 3 billion milestone was reported on the Inside Blackberry developer blog. The website notes that the Blackberry App World managed to reach the 3 billion downloads mark in less than one-third of the time needed to cross the one billion mark.

To put the company’s app downloads into perspective it took Blackberry 786 days to hit one billion downloads, 210 days to reach the two billion downloads mark and just 176 days to pass the three billion app downloads milestone.

The company’s assessment does not including third-party Blackberry app store downloads, apps that were pushed internally by companies or apps downloaded directly from the web.

Blackberry currently offers more than 90,000 apps, however many of those apps were simply ported from the Google Android platform as developers have been slow while adapting to the company’s own OS due to a lack of device sales.

In comparing the app platform Google Android has scored more than 10 billion downloads while Apple developers have helped push more than 25 billion app downloads. Blackberry has argued for months that its app eco-system is not only healthy but more profitable for developers because RIM doesn’t take the same 30% cut utilized by Apple and Google.

Do you think the Blackberry App World ecosystem is healthy or simply being sustained by legacy users who are quickly jumping ship for other mobile OS operators?

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