Stella McCartney’s Star-Studded Autumn 2016 Launch Was ‘Impossibly Hip’

Stella McCartney, daughter of the famous Paul McCartney, chose to debut her Autumn collection in Los Angeles this year, as opposed to New York, where she usually shows off her new collections. Vogue reports that her reasoning was quite simple.

“Right now [L.A.] is kind of on fire. It’s full of creativity on every level.”

Not to mention that the Golden Globe Awards just passed and the Grammy Awards and Oscars are coming up soon. Stella McCartney has said that her cloths have a “slight eclectic feel” this year, which includes fur-free fur in a number of animal patterns. But McCartney also featured tamer, more everyday fashion for the working woman or those who are hanging out in the sun.

Stella McCartney’s fashion show was held at Amoeba Music on Sunset Boulevard, and it was quite a star-studded event. The Los Angeles Times reports that many stars, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Orlando Bloom, Kate Hudson, Quincy Jones, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, and Anjelica Huston, were in attendance.

Vogue also reported that there was an impromptu music performance by Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp, and that the Beach Boys and Thenewno2 (George Harrison’s son Dhani’s band) also played. Stella McCartney tweeted some stellar pics from the event.

According to Business Standard, Stella McCartney also took some time at the event to honor David Bowie, who passed away last Sunday, January 10.

“I feel very, very honored to have a personal story about David Bowie, I can’t believe that I can say that. But I also have this other side to me that’s, like everyone else, just been massively inspired and influenced by his great talent. As a designer, as somebody who is constantly looking for inspiration, David has always been there on every level. What an incredible genius.”

Stella McCartney also set up a tribute to David Bowie.

When it comes to the celebrities that graced the fashion event, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry stand out because they had recently hung out at the Golden Globes after-party on Sunday night. Us Weekly reported that Katy Perry posed with a few of the ladies in attendance, including Kate Hudson. The caption said how much they love Stella McCartney.

Perry also spoke with Orlando Bloom again, although a source that was at the event said Perry kept turning away from Bloom and apparently looked relieved when he finally walked away from her.

But regardless of any potential friction going on between Perry and Bloom, Stella McCartney’s fashion event was endless fun. The Wall Street Journal stated that so many people had nothing but good things to say about it, including Whitney Cummings.

“This is actually kind of impossibly hip.”

Maha Dakhil, a CAA agent said she could never go out again.

“I’m never going out again because it’s never going to be this fun.”

Stella McCartney’s fashion event was also a great time for E! News to catch up with some of the celebrities that attended. Since Valentine’s Day is so close, Demi Lovato spilled on a Valentine’s gift for her man.

“I don’t have his gift yet, but we like to do things that when you’re in a position where you guys can get anything and you already have everything, what do you do for each other that’s special and that you have to create yourself? I’m looking forward to that.”

It’s clear that everyone in Hollywood absolutely loves Stella McCartney and her fashion designs, and aside from her incredible design talent, she knows how to throw a great party!

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]