WWE News: Big Backstage Update On Vince McMahon Wanting To Call Finn Balor Up To The Main Roster

We all know by now that WWE NXT star and Champion Finn Balor has made huge strides since his arrival in 2014. Coming out of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, we all had high hopes for him in his career. We knew he had ability and he proved in Japan that he could be a top star and a good draw wherever he went. The problem always was, if WWE would see this in Balor and allow him to show how good he truly was and if they use him in the spot we knew he was capable of.

Now we know that WWE does respect Finn Balor and see him as a top star for them. In fact, they have put NXT on his back and have allowed him to carry the brand for nearly a year now. This has caught WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s eye. He knows how good Balor is and has been trying to get Balor up to the main roster for months now, but Triple H has been blocking it.

According to Daily Wrestling News, well before the news of the NJPW stars in AJ Styles, Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, and Shinsuke Nakamura broke….WWE was considering calling Finn Balor up to the main roster as part of a group of sorts. The idea was discussed in the Fall that WWE would bring up the “Balor Club” stable to the main roster with a few NXT guys similar to what WWE did with The Shield a few years back.

Balor shoots
Vince McMahon felt it would be good to bring Finn Balor up, but Triple H stressed that WWE needed to be patient with Balor. Bringing Balor up to the main roster with a stable received a negative reaction, but the thought was that WWE could have a slow build to the group to show off the versatility among the members inside the group itself.

There was talk at WWE RAW in December that due to ratings problem, WWE needed new and fresh faces to the program. That meant they needed to go down to NXT and grab someone or a number of people from the brand in order to help the ratings problem on the main roster. The idea was that the NXT stable could come to RAW and rival main roster stables. When the idea was pitched for the Balor Club to be part of this, Vince was said to be on board but Triple H was against it.

The idea was that Triple H declined the idea because it would hurt the NXT brand to lose so many stars at one time. With NXT becoming a big deal, the lack of stars could bring it back down a peg and hurt them. While NXT is starting to introduce new characters, they are still relying on the same types like Balor, Zayn, and Bayley for support.

Balor Okada
However, now that Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows are coming in, the thought is that the stable with them and Balor coming to the main roster is all but confirmed.

It will occur in NXT and Balor will then debut with them on the main roster when WWE is prepared for him. WWE very well could go forward with the NXT all-star group idea but with Anderson and Gallows coming, the Balor Club stable makes too much sense to turn down for WWE. Of course WWE could also make another NXT all-star group in the future due to the fact that they are bringing in a lot of top names from around the world every year.

Finn Balor simply would not be part of the new stable if he’s in his own.

WWE clearly has a money maker in The Balor Club once Anderson and Gallows come in. However, they also have the use of AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura as well which will surely solve their new and fresh face need quite quickly. Additionally, WWE can bring in the others to help elevate Balor on NXT for a bit of time and then they would help do the same on the main roster when Triple H finally allows Balor to make the jump.

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