WWE News: WWE Has Apparently Offered AJ Styles A ‘Blow-Away’ Figure To Come To The Company

We all know by now that WWE is attempting to sign some of New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s biggest stars. One such person is known to the world as AJ Styles. He has been known as one of the best wrestlers in the world for over a decade now, but he is just now starting to get the respect he deserves. The veteran has been everywhere, it seems, from TNA and ROH to top Japanese and European promotions. One place he has yet to go to is WWE, but that is soon to change.

WWE has been pretty much confirming the big stars are coming in, but we didn’t know if they could sway these guys to come over when NJPW was offering them great money. The people of Japan love their stars, and so do the promoters, as they make them a lot of money. Due to this, they show respect with the money they offer. NJPW has the ability to rival WWE financially up to a point, which many may not know.

They have even mentioned that in order to keep guys from jumping to WWE, they might have to offer seven figure deals. Many are already making six figures with the company. So, the fact that WWE has been able to sway AJ Styles means they had to have offered him something good.

According to Ringside News, WWE reportedly offered Styles a “blow-away” deal. Ring of Honor was apparently trying to sign Styles to a long-term, six-figure deal that would certainly have been a comfortable living for him. ROH has been trying to sign guys to deals like this in order to keep them from jumping to WWE, TNA, and other promotions. Styles has been a major draw for ROH when he has been featured, so this only made sense. The same thing occurred for him in New Japan.

The plans ROH had for Styles came to a halt when AJ spoke with them and told them he received a “blow-away” offer by WWE. ROH then removed him from all dates he was scheduled for. Some believe AJ could do an ROH farewell tour if he does not sign with WWE soon, but that probably won’t happen due to WWE most likely bringing him in by, or at, the Royal Rumble PPV.

The fact that WWE offered him a blow away deal is a pretty big thing. AJ Styles is 38-years-old. While he is still a fantastic performer, he also has been talking retirement a lot. He has made a lot of money in his wrestling career. However, the WWE offer does not come by very often. This is the first official time we know WWE has spoken to Styles, whereas the other times were all rumored.

Nak AJ
While he did have a great TNA career, WWE seemed to not care as much about him when he was there. However, once he began to kill it in NJPW and people began to talk about him more, WWE obviously caught wind of this and knew they had to sign him. On top of this, WWE just introduced the WWE Network to Japan recently. They need Japanese stars, and four of the biggest stars there is a good way to start. They bring in three Americans and one Japanese legend in Shinsuke Nakamura.

WWE offering AJ a big deal is a great thing. How much could it have been though? We know that he made over $200,000 when he left TNA in 2014 for the rest of the year he was gone. That said, NJPW had to offer him something higher to have him work there. Now, WWE had to outbid that NJPW offer. All of this said, AJ Styles may be making over half a million dollars per year, which is certainly a “blow-away” deal.

While the figures are not known specifically, we do have to speculate that he is making something amazing to leave Japan, where he was paid very well. Does the money offered also mean that WWE will use him well? We will have to wait and see. However, WWE rarely spends a lot on someone just to have them job to people on the regular.

[Image via TNA Wrestling]