Denver Broncos Rumors: Robert Griffin III Could Be Starting Quarterback Next Year

The Denver Broncos are likely reaching the end of the Peyton Manning era, and rumors indicate that the team could have their sights on a new, possible replacement -- Robert Griffin III.

Manning struggled this season with injuries and inconsistent play, ultimately losing his starting spot to Brock Osweiler early in the year. Peyton remained on the bench after recovering from a slew of injuries, but took over as starter again for the playoffs.

The 39-year-old has given strong indications that this year will be his last, with the Denver Broncos having just a narrow window to win a title during his tenure with the team.

When asked by the Denver Post if this could be his final season, Manning said it could be likely.

"I'd be lying," Manning said, "if I said I'm not thinking about that."

Now, there are rumors the Denver Broncos could be looking outside the organization for Peyton Manning's replacement. While Brock Osweiler has been groomed to take over for Manning, there are some around the league who believe not everyone in the Broncos' front office is sold on his ability to become a franchise quarterback.

That could leave room for the team to make a move on Griffin, who is on his way out of Washington after a troubled tenure. Griffin was a sensation in his first season, winning NFL Rookie of the Year and leading the Redskins to the playoffs. But, Griffin also tore his ACL at the conclusion of the year, and in his recovery he was not able to get back all of the explosiveness that he once had.

ESPN ranks the Denver Broncos as one of a handful of teams with "high" interest in Robert Griffin III.

"The Broncos will have plenty of questions to answer at quarterback by season's end. Peyton Manning's future at age 39 is uncertain, and coming off two seasons in which he has dealt with thigh, shoulder, rib and left foot injuries. Manning has a year left on his contract, but the cap figure is more than $20 million. Backup Brock Osweiler is set to be an unrestricted free agent. Executive vice president of football operations/general manager John Elway has said he wants Osweiler on the roster for 'a long time,' but it's possible Osweiler could get a bigger deal elsewhere. Rookie Trevor Siemian is a prospect the Broncos like as well, but Griffin would get at least a look, as well as some discussion -- as a potential backup initially as he resets his game -- because he would fit what the Broncos do on offense."
There are still a lot of variables for the Denver Broncos. The first, and biggest, is Peyton Manning. He has been a much different player when he's healthy, and if he feels like he can go into 2016 in full heath he may try for one more season. With the Broncos sporting one of the best defenses in the league, it may be attractive for them to roll the dice with Manning once more.The Denver Broncos rumors also depend largely on the market for Robert Griffin III. ESPN noted that there could be up to eight teams interested in bringing him in, and the Broncos would have some tough competition. Griffin's other options may include teams where he would almost assuredly be the starter, while in Denver he would likely enter into a competition with Brock Osweiler.

[Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images]