January 17, 2016
Lace Morris To Appear On 'Bachelor Live' Monday Night, Headed To 'Bachelor In Paradise' Next

Bachelor contestant Lace Morris is having a hard time shaking the "crazy" edit on ABC's popular reality show. On Monday night's Bachelor Live, fans will find out what prompted the 25-year-old Colorado real estate broker to bad-mouth the other girls and butt heads with Ben Higgins this season. They may also learn about the reality TV gig she has coming up that will allow her to keep stirring the drama pot.

Viewers don't need to read spoilers to realize that Lace won't be sticking around another week. Many fans thought Ben should have sent her home the night of the premiere, but after Monday night's episode, she'll pack her bags and take her drama elsewhere — as in another reality show.

In addition to appearing on Monday's live Bachelor after-show with host Chris Harrison, the show's creator, Mike Fleiss, told E! News last week that when Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 starts filming this summer, "Lace will be there." It's obvious that Fleiss knew she wasn't going to go the distance with Ben, so perhaps producers prompted her to bring on the drama because that's what Paradise is all about.

Before Lace makes an appearance on Bachelor Live on Monday night (10 p.m. ET), fans will get to see her go on her last group date with Ben and make a dramatic exit before the Week 3 rose ceremony.

Although she was expected to be this season's villain, Lace quickly became branded as "the drunk girl," and the "crazy one." It appears that Olivia Caridi will get branded as the villain this season and will start showing her true colors on Monday night, making Lace seem pretty harmless.

According to Reality Steve, Lace goes on a group date on Monday night's episode and plays soccer with 11 of her mansion-mates. Coached by World Cup Champion U.S. Women's National Soccer Team players Alex Morgan and Kelly O'Hara, the girls will be split into two teams and the winning team will get to spend time with Ben after the game.

Lace is part of the winning team, so she will attend an after-party with Ben and five other girls — Olivia, Jami, Amber, Leah, and Haley. Olivia steals Ben away to a hotel room creating some tension among the other girls and there's no doubt Lace will have a few choice words to say about the situation.

What prompts her to leave the show before the rose ceremony is unknown, but Reality Steve states that she "butts heads" with Ben for the last time and decides to leave the show. If she didn't leave on her own, it's likely that he would have eliminated her at the rose ceremony, so she saved herself from further humiliation.

For the first two weeks of Bachelor Live, Ben has appeared on stage with the celebrity super fan and guest, but ABC has not confirmed if he will be on the show with Lace. However, former Bachelor Jason Mesnick and his wife Molly, along with actor Paul Tomkins and actress Paget Brewster, will be on the show on Monday night.

According to ABC, next week is the last episode of Bachelor Live, with the network stating that the special one-hour show was only scheduled for four weeks. With eight weeks to go until the March 14 season finale, fans will have to make do without the extra hour of Bachelor-goodness.

[Image via ABC Television Network]