Drunk 'Bachelor' Contestant Lace Morris Pegged As Season 20 Villain – How Long Does She Last With Ben Higgins?

There's always at least one contestant on the Bachelor who drinks a bit too much during the season premiere cocktail party. When Ben Higgins' season begins on January 4, 2016, keep your eyes on Lace Morris. Not only does the 25-year-old real estate broker enjoy a few too many cocktails, she is rumored to be the Season 20 villain on ABC's popular reality show.

Whether producers give her the villain edit or she is just the resident mean girl on the upcoming season, fans of the show will definitely be talking about her night one antics in the mansion.

According to her bio on the Keller Williams Real Estate website, Lace is a broker associate in the Denver, Colorado metro area. When she left to film the show in September, all of her social media profiles — including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — were deactivated. She recently reactivated her Twitter account, but has not tweeted in two years. Of note, another cast member on the show, Leah Block, recently started following her, but Lace currently does not follow anyone from Bachelor Nation.

Blogger Reality Steve states that Lace starts talking trash about some of the other contestants during the first cocktail party. Her first target? Former Bachelor Chris Soules' runner-up, Becca Tilley. Apparently Lace doesn't think Becca deserves to get a second chance at finding love and makes her opinion known during an ITM.

The drinking begins and Lace transforms into a gossip girl who probably should have had a little less alcohol. WetPaint compares her to the villain from Bachelor Sean Lowe's season, Tierra LiCausi — that means fans should be in for some drama as long as Lace sticks around. Reality Steve, who has previewed the first episode, states that once Lace starts drinking, she gives the "best sound bites of the night."

"From this point forward, pretty much began the Lace show. Lace was easily the "night 1 drunk girl" as she's slurring her words, dropping f-bombs, asking for more wine, and basically giving the best sound bites of the night."
Lace reportedly surprises Ben with a kiss as soon as she comes out of the limo and she gets upset because he rejects her request for a second one during the cocktail party. Of course, she cries her eyes out and keeps drinking, perhaps hoping that Ben will feel sorry for her.

Unlike Ryan McDill who got sloppy drunk and subsequently kicked off Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette, Ben Higgins seems to have a bit more tolerance for Lace. Things go according to her plan and Ben explains to her that he didn't reject her — he wants to get to know her before he kisses her again.

How long does Lace last on the upcoming season of The Bachelor?

Spoilers indicate that she makes it through the first two rose ceremonies, including one on the season premiere and another on Episode 2 (January 11) after going on a group date. On Episode 3 (January 18), Lace fails to get a one-on-one date but is picked to go on a group date with 12 other girls.

By the end of the third episode, Lace apparently decides to leave the show after "butting heads" with Ben. Fans who think the season will continue without a villain are in for a surprise. There is speculation that news reporter Olivia Caridi will take over where Lace left off.

Watch the Bachelor Season 20 premiere on January 4, 2016, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

[Image via ABC Television Network]