Eva Longoria Coy Over Whether Victoria Beckham Will be Designing Her Wedding Dress, As ‘Telenovela’ Hits The Airwaves

After Eva Longoria announced her engagement to fiancé José Antonio Bastón through Instagram, rumors have been running that celebrity pal Victoria Beckham will be the designer who dresses Eva up on her special day.

Appearing with host Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Cohen asked Longoria, “It’s been reported that your buddy Victoria Beckham will be designing your gown…,” But Eva swerved the question with customary adept PR skill one would expect from a seasoned A-list celebrity. Longoria gave a short rebuttal claiming she and her fiancé “haven’t even talked about a gown” before quickly changing the subject.

Eva Longoria Engagement Ring
One person who definitely will be dressing Eva is the renowned costume designer Jayne Bryant who is working with Longoria on the new sitcom, Telenovela. Speaking to The Observer, Bryant explained that she specifically took inspiration from Vogue España and Vogue México when deciding on Longoria’s outfits for the show, and used Jovani and Ronny Kobo.

“For Ana’s everyday costume design I really loved Ronny Kobo, anything from Intermix, [which] was a great resource for us. For her gowns, I designed some of them, like the pink gown with the feathers. For Pasión’s other gowns, there were a couple of Mac Duggal gowns that were great. I used a few Jovani gowns that were so beautiful, and the orange beaded gown was a Sherri Hill couture gown”

Eva Longoria has been promoting Telenovela, which sees her play the role of Ana Sofia Calderon, lead star of a Spanish soap opera who, in a comedic twist, cannot actually speak Spanish. The new series debuted in December at the end of last year, and Longoria who is also working as a producer on the project, believes the new sitcom is funnier than Desperate Housewives.

“I play the star of this Spanish soap opera that doesn’t actually speak Spanish. If you liked Housewives, this is 10 times funnier, to me. I think people are really going to love it.”

Telenovela is a comical behind-the-scenes depiction of the trials and tribulations working on set, something that Longoria has vast experience of.

Earlier this week Eva was at the Golden Globes Awards Ceremony, acting as a presenter rather than nominee, and along with fellow presenter America Ferrera, ignited controversy and debate with some impromptu sarcasm while announcing an award.

The pair made a barbed jibe at Latina actresses are mistaken for each other — something the Hollywood Foreign Press Association did recently when it mistook Ferrera for Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez during a nomination announcement on Twitter.

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Speaking at her Telenovela panel for NBC’s Television Critics Association winter press tour on Wednesday, Longoria was pleased that just a few words caused a “macro conversation” in the media and went on to emphasise the importance of promoting diversity in the entertainment industry.

“There needs to be more gatekeepers at the decision-making level. In the room, we need to have that diversity. We need more Latinos, blacks, Asians, we need a lot more perspectives. How do you get there? We need a pipeline. You need an executive who’s touched every rung of that ladder.”

Longoria was also satisfied with the diversity in cast, crew, and content of Telenovela, but also the way the sitcom balances Latino themes with a more general popular appeal.

“We’ve done such a great job in front of the camera, but our writers room is very diverse, the crew is very diverse. People automatically come to me with Latino-themed projects, but you can’t program to Latinos. They want great shows, good content. We’re lucky we hit both of those. General audiences can enjoy it and laugh at it, and yet Latinos can too — and have really embraced it.”

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