Newton Falls Shooting: Five Dead After Shooting in Small Ohio Community [Video]

Authorities in Ohio say a gunman shot and killed four people Friday before fleeing to another location and fatally shooting himself in the chest.

The tragic shootings took place around noon in the small community of Newton Falls in northeastern Ohio.

CNN reports that police received a call just after 12pm with “yelling and other commotion going on in the background.”

Upon their arrival to the home, officers found a woman and two males dead, according to a statement from Chief John Kuivila of the Newton Falls Police Department. Another juvenile in the home was able to escape and run to safety.

Family members of the victims told The Tribune Chronicle their names were Rikki Cogley, 42, his wife Kathy Cogley, age unknown, and her son Everett Greathouse, 15.

As officers investigated the killings, they learned that 55-year-old Robert Brazzon, the suspected gunman, was seen fleeing in a white car, police said.

About 4pm, a Newton Falls officer found the vehicle with Brazzon inside it parked in the back of a nearby cemetery. Shortly after calling for backup, a brief standoff ensued and Brazzon shot himself, WKBN reports. He died a short time later at the hospital.

A 38-year-old woman, believed to be Brazzon’s girlfried, was discovered dead from gunshot wounds in his home a short time later.

The tragic shooting shocked the town of 5,000 people about 60 miles southeast of Cleveland.

“I think it’s crazy. We don’t know all the details, but you know, three of our neighbors are dead, and one of them was a teenage boy, and he was a good kid. You never think of this in Newton Falls,” said Newton Falls resident Jeff Culp.

Fox8 News has more on the tragic Newton Falls shooting in the video below: