'The Young And The Restless' Recap: Billy Battles, Adam Is In Trouble, And Hilary Makes A Big Move

This has been a big week on The Young and the Restless and fans have had a lot to buzz about. Billy Abbott was fighting for his life, and as the week continued, it looked like Adam Newman might be fighting for his as well. Just what took place on Y&R during the week of January 11?

Viewers know that Billy was beat up by his bookies and accidentally run over by Noah, leaving him in grave condition. Billy's prognosis was grim, and Jack learned that he had power of attorney to make medical decisions for Billy. After a great deal of anguish, Jack decided to have Billy's life support turned off.

Billy, now played by General Hospital alum Jason Thompson, had an out-of-body experience that gave him the chance to see his loved ones mourning his seemingly imminent departure. Billy was heartbroken watching Victoria and Jill, in particular, grieve all that had happened and an encounter with Delia persuaded him to fight to live. Against all expectations, Billy survived after the life support was turned off.
Paul has been digging into the accident where Billy was left for dead, but he has made little progress. Noah is struggling with guilt over knowing that he ran Billy over, though he had no idea at the time that it had happened. Victor is pressuring him to stay quiet, and Marisa is supporting him, but Luca knows the truth as well, and this could come back to bite the Newmans.

The Young and the Restless viewers watched as Neil and Nikki continued their faux flirtation, which made both Victor and Hilary jealous. While Victor had just argued with Nikki over it, Hilary decided to get aggressive. She made a move on Neil and the two slept together. Unfortunately, Devon saw the two of them together and this led to some intense arguing.

Kevin had made a deal with Billy regarding his anti-hacker project, but things were thrown into uncertainty after Billy's accident. Both Victor and Jack approached Kevin to make a deal, but Young and Restless fans saw Kevin go with Victor as an investor. Things were shaken up, however, when Natalie showed up in Genoa City and indicated she had taken on a different investor, then crossed them.

Adam and Luca have been working on a partnership where they would ultimately take control of their respective companies from their fathers, but Victor has believed that Adam was playing double-agent and maintaining his loyalty to Newman Enterprises. Before the men could move forward on their plan, however, Adam was kidnapped.

Chelsea has been in a panic trying to find Adam, but so far she has run into brick walls at every turn. However, Victor received a mysterious email detailing that Adam would be returned in exchange for the girl, seemingly Natalie. Just who are these investors? That tidbit has not yet been revealed, but it sounds as if there is a dangerous battle on the way for Victor on this front.

Billy awakened briefly and spoke to Victoria, and she has promised to never bail on him again. The doctors have detailed that Billy has a long road ahead of him as he fights to recover, but Y&R fans can feel pretty confident that with Jason Thompson taking over the role, the writers have big plans for him.

Young and Restless spoilers for upcoming episodes tease big shifts regarding Sharon, Dr. Anderson, and baby Sully as well as this big battle for Victor regarding Adam and his deal with Kevin. Fans cannot wait to see what comes next as Billy works on recovering, Chelsea searches for Adam and others like Devon and Cane consider what comes next in their relationships. The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.
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