Selena Gomez Becomes Hollywood’s Rising Star As She Confabs With Brad Pitt & Hints At Hot Hookup With Orlando Bloom

Selena Gomez has become a rising star in the entertainment industry. And now what everyone wants to know about the pop star doesn’t even have to do with her phenomenal singing talent. Instead, after Selena was spotted huddling with Brad Pitt at a Golden Globes party, Hollywood is buzzing to know just what Gomez and film star Brad had to say to each other, reported E News.

It definitely boosted the curiosity level when Selena shared a photo displaying Pitt and Gomez together.

“Just discussing #TheBigShort,” posted Selena.

Gomez and Brad were confabbing during the CAA party held at the Sunset Tower Hotel. The hashtag refers to the pop star’s cameo appearance in The Big Short. Her role involved clarifying the complexities of Wall Street argot. Pitt does double duty as producer and star.

“It was funny because I had met him a few years ago and I was kind of telling him how I geeked out about it and then obviously we were talking about The Big Shortand how he thought it was really cool and his kids loved it,” explained Selena.

Selena Gomez becomes rising star.
Gomez showed her humility in revealing how she felt about the discovery that the many children parented by Angelina Jolie and Brad are major fans of her talent.

“Evidently,” said Selena shyly.

Teaming up with Gomez was economist Dr. Richard Thaler, who clarified Synthetic Collateralized Debt Obligations. Sound confusing? You’re not alone, because Selena revealed that she wasn’t quite sure about the message. However, she put a positive twist on the experience.

“It was good for me to learn what was happening with our economic system,” pointed out Gomez.

Adam McKay, who directed the Big Short, gave major kudos to Selena.

“We were so impressed,” he declared. “After she left, I was like, ‘How old is she?’ and they were like, ’21.’…So mature, just a pro. She had to do a scene with a non-actor and she really held his hand—a guy who is probably going to win a Nobel Prize in economics. She was awesome. We loved her.”

And while Adam’s love was professional, Gomez also is getting some love personally. And that love goes into the category of “Young Love Is Confusing.”

Selena Gomez Reveals Truth About Dating Rumors

As The Inquisitr reported, fans of “Jelena” (the term used when Justin Bieber and Selena were involved) had hoped for a romantic reunion when he serenaded her recently. But that’s not going to happen, Gomez shared recently, emphasizing that she’s so over all those endless rumors that Selena’s back with the Biebs. At the same time, Selena was reported to be dating Niall Horan in a rocky romance that seemed to get bogged down through communication problems.

But that doesn’t mean Gomez has no love life in 2016. She’s been reported to be dating Charlie Puth following a series of social media shares and some flirty fun they seemed to enjoy after the Golden Globes, reported Seventeen.

Selena Gomez shares fact versus fiction about relationships.
Fortunately, after all coping with those endless “Jelena” rumors and now those Charlie reports, Selena is a pro at challenging dating fiction.

“We’re not [dating], that’s for sure,” said Gomez firmly of the Charlie charade. “What else is new?” she laughed.

An Old Romance Blooming Again?

But that’s not all. With Niall Horan in the iffy category, Charlie in the definitely not category, and the Biebs in the don’t-Belieb it category, that leaves the Orlando Bloom romance rumors to tackle. And that’s where it gets even more complicated for Selena fans to sort out, pointed out the Daily Mail.

The actor and Gomez initially supposedly hooked up in 2014, at the same time as her romance with Bieber. But now, two years later, Bloom and Selena are shown canoodling in a picture posed on Instagram. The occasion was a birthday party for Orlando, who just turned 39 (Gomez is 23). Adding to the reports that they’re back together, Selena shared a sweet birthday wish to Bloom on social media.

“Happy bday Orly -celebrate kindness and who you are,” posted Gomez.

A source told Hollywood Life that Selena and the actor are just enjoying flirty fun for now.

However, even though it hasn’t gone further just yet, it still could happen, added the source.

“Chances are, it will happen in the future,” predicted the insider. “They know what they would be getting into the from the get-go — and that wouldn’t be a relationship, just a steamy, hookup.”

[Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]