Pennsylvania Woman Attacks Man’s Genitals With Butcher Knife

A distinctly eerie story has come out of Erie, Pennsylvania, this week, involving the worst nightmare of some men turned into a horrifying reality. A woman from Erie was arrested after attacking a man’s genitals with a butcher knife.

According to the Huffington Post, 51-year-old Barbara Pulliam was arraigned on Tuesday and is facing charges of aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person, and possessing instruments of crime. Pulliam has been accused of slicing a 50-year-old man’s genitals with a kitchen butcher knife, leaving him with serious injuries. The worst part? Reports do not reveal if the butcher knife successfully severed the man’s genitals.

Barbara Pulliam

The City of Erie Police Department reported that officers received a disturbing call early Tuesday morning about a stabbing, but were not prepared for the bloody scene they were about to witness. They arrived at the home of Barbara Pulliam, but the entrance was blocked by the victim who was inside the doorway, according to Go Erie. When officers finally got inside, they found Barbara Pulliam had severely cut up the genitals of a man with whom she had some kind of relationship.

“The subject lost a lot of blood and was taken into surgery,” said Erie Police Lt. Stan Green.

Police claim Baraba Pulliam had used a kitchen-style butcher knife to attack the genitals, which officers recovered at the scene.

Butcher knives.

Authorities are unsure at this time if she was attempting to remove the man’s genitals from his body.

“I can’t say for sure what was on her mind, but she definitely sliced him in that area,” Green added.

Reports say Pulliam was intoxicated at the time of the attack, but many of the specific details surrounding the butcher knife attack are still under investigation. Local news reported that the incident took place on 1412 Ash Street, but police still have no idea what provoked Pulliam to cut a man in the groin with a butcher knife.

Pulliam's home

The man survived the attack but was rushed to an Erie hospital after losing a “very serious” amount of blood. As of Wednesday afternoon, he was listed as in stable condition. The identity of Barbara Pulliam’s victim has not been revealed.

“The victim and arrested woman had a relationship of sorts. Between intoxication and obvious victim shock… we really didn’t have a whole lot of information.”

It seems that neither the victim nor Barbara Pulliam herself called the police to the residence, because reports say another woman met officers upon their arrival and informed them that someone required their assistance within the house. It’s possible that the sound of the butcher knife attack alerted the neighbors to the violent confrontation, probably saving the victim’s life.

However, no major news sources from Erie, Pennsylvania, reveal if the man’s genitals survived the butcher knife attack, but Power 69 CBS Local made light of the crime and claimed that doctors were indeed able to save his genitals after emergency surgery.

“The man was rushed to surgery and doctors were able to save his ‘Mr. Happy.'”

Barbara Pulliam is currently being detained in the Erie County Prison on a $25,000 bond.

What do you think caused the woman to attack someone she knew with a butcher knife? How do you think she should be punished if she is found guilty?

(Photo courtesy of the City of Erie Police Department)