Eileen Davidson Addresses Lisa Vanderpump’s Invasive Questions Over Her Marriage On Latest ‘RHOBH’ Episode

Eileen Davidson addressed the uncomfortable situation that she experienced on Episode 7 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when Lisa Vanderpump was relentless in questioning her about how she met her husband, Vincent Van Patten.

While in the Hamptons, Lisa was hounding Eileen about how their relationship began and what led to the eventual breakup of her first marriage.

In Eileen’s latest blog post on Bravo, The Young and the Restless star expressed her disappointment in Lisa V. for interrogating her about how she met her current husband.

“If a friend wants to ‘get to know’ me, I’m happy to answer anything. Lisa V.’s questions seemed far from friendly, but OK,” Eileen wrote.

Davidson explained that she felt “in shock” and “blindsided,” because she felt as though Vanderpump was trying to “provoke” her.

Eileen wondered if it was some type of “passive-aggressive payback” for her leaving the hotel in the Hamptons with Kyle Richards. She recognized that’s a silly thought, however.

Lisa V. pushed Eileen on when she and Vince first kissed and called their romance “the affair.” It insulted her and she had a hard time coping with it afterwards. Lisa Rinna encouraged Eileen to talk it out with Lisa V.

At first, Eileen Davidson didn’t want to confront Lisa Vanderpump, but knew she had to “resolve this one way or another.”

When Eileen approached Lisa V. about the scene she made, nothing really got resolved, because Vanderpump didn’t see what the issue was. Instead, she told Eileen that this is what she does when she’s trying to get to know a friend better.

Eileen added in her blog: “Remember a while ago when I predicted that my need to get everything all out in the open would blow up in my face? Well call me psychic, ’cause I think it just happened.”

“I’m going in expecting an apology, something along the lines of, ‘Oh Darling, I’m so sorry! That was never my intention. Hugs and kisses,’ and then we would ride off into the sunset. Not even close. Strangely enough the whole thing got turned back on me!”

Lisa Vanderpump told Eileen Davidson on Tuesday’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode that they were “alone” and that it wasn’t like she was trying to embarrass her.

“First of all, we were sitting at a large table with approximately 30 people, most of them strangers, all in earshot of our conversation. Second, Lisa V. is a very intelligent and worldly woman who has been doing reality TV for six years. It’s not only ludicrous, but highly insulting to me to play the ‘alone’ card,” Eileen wrote.

Lisa Vanderpump asked Eileen Davidson very personal questions on the last episode of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP).
Eileen was upset that Lisa V. referred to the marriage that she has with father of her children as “the affair.”

She continued in her blog: “It’s a cheap shot. And she chose the time, and place, and the manner of it. I’d never do that to friend, and I thought that Lisa V. and I were friends. I expected more from her. I’m a real person. With real feelings. And a real family.”

Eileen Davidson added that what Lisa Vanderpump did was a “bit disrespectful, and she ended up being more disrespectful.”

Why was Lisa Vanderpump asking Eileen such probing questions about her history with Vince?

Eileen Davidson was married to Port Charles soap star, Jon Lindstrom, before she married Van Patten — whom was married to Betsey Russell; they share two children together.

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