Florida Teacher Arrested: Sara Moore Had Sex With Child’s Friend 25 Times, Police Say

Florida teacher Sara Moore was arrested for having sex with her child’s 14-year-old friend about 25 times. Moore, 35, allegedly sexually assaulted the young teen in a car parked at a gas station and inside her home in St. Cloud. After the teacher was released on bail, she was arrested once again on evidence tampering charges.

Sara Moore was arrested after the parents of her child’s friend found “sexually explicit” Instagram messages from the Florida teacher on their son’s cellphone and found condoms in his possession, the New York Daily News reports. The teen’s parents also told police investigators that their son would leave “unannounced” from their home with Moore and that they had told both of them to stop the unapproved rides and meetings.

Through tears, the 14-year-old teen told police detectives that the sex was consensual and Moore’s fault, according to the Orlando Sentinel reports. The unidentified victim also said that he did not want to ruin the teacher’s life.

“I don’t want you for a mom, I want you… I just want to be with you. We don’t have to ‘do it’,” messages from the teen victim to the teacher reportedly read.

During her initial questioning, the Florida teacher told police officers that the teenager was “like her adopted son.” She reportedly refused to volunteer a DNA sample after the St. Cloud detectives told her they had found a “biological fluid” on a blanket inside her vehicle.

The Florida teacher was rearrested again earlier this week after St. Cloud police detectives became aware that she allegedly went to a local Verizon store and attempted to have information deleted from her cell phone. Employees at the store called the police and told them about Sara Moore’s request, and she was placed in handcuffs once again shortly later. The substitute teacher had reportedly been told that once police investigators obtained a warrant, her cell phone would be confiscated as evidence in the case.

According to the teacher’s attorney, she was not trying to tamper with evidence and was merely trying to reactivate her daughter’s old cell phone. The Florida prosecutor argued in front of the judge that Moore’s cellphone has a passcode on it and required a search warrant in order to access and review any texts, social media messages, or photos it contains.

“Apparently, she made some statements to a store clerk there about wanting to access a phone that was in evidence pertinent to her current case,” said an attorney attached to the case.

Sara Moore and the 14-year-old victim reportedly met about one year ago but became “closer” after the teen befriended her daughter. The teacher is currently being held at the county jail on 10 counts of sexual battery against a minor and tampering with evidence charges.

“It has not been proved that she’s done anything wrong, and she did not. You know what, she’s innocent until she is proven guilty. Don’t make it look otherwise,” Moore’s mother told Orlando News Channel 6. “She’s a good, lovely person. You ask anybody that knows her.”

The married Florida health teacher works for St. Cloud Middle School and Harmony High School in Osceola County. When police investigators questioned the 14-year-old victim, he reportedly told them about the locations and number of times he and the teacher had engaged in sex. According to the teenager, he and Sara Moore even had sex in her daughter’s bedroom.

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