Family Insider Reveals Anna Duggar Is Pregnant With Fifth Child

Josh Duggar may still be in rehab, but he has received a few visits from his wife, Anna Duggar, while he has been there. The two are still working on their marriage, and now a family insider is sharing that while visiting Josh at rehab, Anna Duggar ended up pregnant for the fifth time. So far, the Duggar family is not revealing this news or commenting on these claims. Radar Online revealed the news that someone close to the family is sharing Anna is pregnant and happy about the baby on the way.

A family insider actually spoke to Life & Style about Anna’s alleged pregnancy. It sounds like Anna is pregnant and actually very happy about what is going on in her life right now. Here is what they had to say about the details.

“Anna announced that she thinks she is pregnant again. She believes the baby is a sign that God has forgiven Josh for his many sins, and she’s vowed to stand by her husband.”

The Duggar family has never been shy about the fact that they don’t use birth control. If Anna Duggar was intimate while she was visiting Josh, then it is very possible that a baby could be on the way. Josh and Anna already have four children, so getting pregnant is already not an issue for them. This would be the fifth child for the family that has always said they want a large family just like his parents have, but they are still quite a ways from 19 kids.

Anna and Josh Duggar are working on their marriage, and she is sticking by him. The idea of another child is totally crazy, but does seem pretty shocking considering that at this point Josh Duggar isn’t even at home. He is supposed to be spending six months in rehab, which is close to being over with at this time. Josh Duggar will be coming back home to his family when this is all over, and hopefully will be over his sex addiction and ready to stay faithful to his wife. Josh and Anna have been through a lot over the past few months.

Hollywood Life shared that Anna Duggar spent a night with Josh at Reformers Unanimous rehab facility in Illinois. She has been out there to visit him a couple of times, so there are no reports on exactly how far along she would, but Anna was last out there at Christmas, which would make her less than a month along if she is pregnant from that time. The source went on to share details.

“Anna thinks Josh’s treatment is working and she was happy to try for another child when she visited him.”

Anna Duggar wants to make her marriage work, and Josh is very lucky to have her by his side. After cheating on his wife while she was pregnant, Josh Duggar is very lucky that his wife is standing by his side and is not leaving him over this drama. The fact that Anna wants to have another baby with him is huge and should show Josh that she is sticking by his side. If she was going to leave him, then Anna would have already done it, but Josh better keep his act together once he gets home again.

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Are you shocked that a source is saying Anna Duggar is pregnant with her fifth child? Do you think these reports are true? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. At this time, the Duggars reality show is not airing at all, but rumors are flying they will return soon.

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