'The Daily Show'--Fox's Greg Gutfeld And Trevor Noah Compare Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump

Dustin Murrell

Having just finished a story about the odds of winning the $1.3 billion Powerball, Daily Show host Trevor Noah transitioned to Hillary's underdog opponent in the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nominee. "It seems 2016 is when long-shots just might pay off," he said, referring both to the lottery jackpot and the Bernie Sanders campaign. As clips were shown reporting Hillary Clinton's reaction to the growing support for Senator Sanders, Noah made an Urban Dictionary joke, saying that a "surging Sanders" is "when you come out of nowhere."

"The big question is: what does Sanders believe in? What is his vision for America?"

Trevor also brought attention to the fact that while remaining busy as a politician, Sanders also released a folk album in 1987 titled We Shall Overcome, complete with a Sanders cover of "This Land Is Your Land."

"Bernie Sanders described himself as a 'democratic-socialist,' a phrase that, to some, suggests slave-labor camps. But... that is wrong. Because he's a democractic-socialist, so he will let us vote for who runs the labor camps."

The following summation of Bernie's general philosophy could be a battle cry for some and a warning signal for others.

"Probably the main reason for Sanders' growth is the fact that he's outspoken about wanting to help the middle class at the expense of the rich... That's what he wants: More taxes for corporate America and the billionaires."

"I think it's because he's opposite Trump. You see, the world craves balance. Bernie is the Yin to Trump's racist Yang. Even their origin stories are the same. Both grew up in New York City and both inherited something from their fathers."

Noah's guest for the night was Greg Gutfeld of Fox News' The Five and The Greg Gutfeld Show, there to promote his new book, How To Be Right. A little out of place coming from the conservative Fox News camp to the set of the liberal news program The Daily Show, he is a self-described right-wing liberal who had his own thoughts on Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Talking about the appeal of the liberal Senator from Vermont, Gutfeld said the following.

"He's likable. And he's persuasive. He looks like a walking science project."

To which the Fox News personality could only say, "That is a fair counter."

In fact, Greg says that Donald Trump isn't even a conservative.

"He's not a conservative. He's a populist. I don't believe that what he's saying now is ever going to happen. He's saying this to get elected -- or perhaps a TV show, whichever one comes first -- but I do not believe that he is an actual conservative."

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