'General Hospital' Spoilers: Maxie And Nathan Reunite, Anna Digs Further, And Dante Asks Questions

What can viewers expect from Wednesday's episode of General Hospital? Spoilers detail that there is plenty of action on the way, and viewers will see a lot going down across several storylines. Some Port Charles residents may find their lives in danger to an extent in this January 13 show, and fans cannot wait to see how everything plays out.

According to She Knows Soaps, Anna will be front-and-center in this episode. She is determined to figure out the truth about Carlos, and she had an enlightening talk with Sabrina during Tuesday's show.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Anna will be scrambling to keep Paul out of the loop regarding her investigation, but she is utilizing Jordan to flush out the truth as this hunt heats up. Is Anna on the right track with her theories, and will she catch up to Carlos before he skips town?

As Celeb Dirty Laundry shares, there are some sexy times for Maxie and Nathan coming in Wednesday's episode. Nathan has been away on an undercover operation for a bit, but now he is back and anxious for some quality time with his girl. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nathan surprises Maxie with his return, and she will surely be thrilled to see him.

However, Maxie also has to consider whether to tell Nathan about Johnny's Port Charles return. She is worried about Lulu, and told Johnny she would not make any promises about staying silent about what she knows. Maxie will be hesitant to keep any further secrets from Nathan, but will she hold back on this front or come clean?

Wednesday's episode also brings some drama between Olivia and Valerie. Olivia made it clear that she was not happy with Dante's new relationship with Valerie, and so far, Valerie has not managed to win Olivia over. General Hospital previews for this next episode indicate that Valerie will lash out at Liv, calling her a self-righteous hypocrite. Just what drives this confrontation?

Dante has been suspicious about Lulu's recent activities, as he thinks that she slept with someone on New Year's Eve. Of course, he has no idea that Johnny is in town, and he has figured that Dillon is the man who has been getting close to Lulu. General Hospital spoilers note that Dante will be talking with Michael during Wednesday's show, expressing his suspicions.

Teasers for later in the week share that Dante will be coming across some incriminating photos, and some suspect that these could be of Johnny and Lulu. Of course, Johnny has also put together some photos of him with Valerie that will show her in a bad light, so viewers will have to stay tuned to see just what Dante finds and how it impacts Valerie's future with the police force.

General Hospital spoilers tease that viewers will see someone masked grab Lulu during this January 13 episode, and many figure that Johnny will be behind this in some way. He seems to be willing to go to great lengths to keep Lulu close to him, but would he really stage an abduction of some sort? Or, could someone else be behind this?

There are key moments ahead for Sabrina related to Carlos and Michael during this show, too. She has a big decision to make, and GH fans are curious to see just what she decides. Will she leave town with Carlos, or stay put and try to make things work with Michael? Fans cannot wait to see what comes next as this drama plays out during the January 13 episode of General Hospital.

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