‘NCIS’ Rumors: Tony DiNozzo To Be Killed Off For Michael Weatherly’s Exit — Ziva To Return?

It’s been known for a short while now that Michael Weatherly has decided to leave the hit series, NCIS, and his time as Special Agent Tony DiNozzo is coming to an end. Now, the rumors have started going around as to what could happen for his exit from the show. Many fans are extremely nervous that DiNozzo will end up dying (be killed off), but if that does happen, it could see the return of Ziva David for at least one episode.

Not a lot is known about Weatherly’s departure from the show at this time, but a few things are set in stone. He will be 100 percent leaving, and it’s going to be happening at the end of the current season, which is the 13th.

Some reports such as that from World of Odd Balls believes that it is guaranteed that Tony DiNozzo will be killed off. It seems almost as if it is a done-deal, and the rest of the season will simply be him tying up some loose ends so nothing is left undone when he’s dead.

BuddyTV knows that death for one of the original agents of NCIS is possible, but there are other options out there as well. One is that DiNozzo could finally have a true relationship with his dad, who has always been sketchy, but is aging, and may not have too much time left.

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While being killed off or leaving the team to go care for his father are two possible options for the future (or lack thereof) for Tony DiNozzo, there are others being thrown around.

Early in Season 13, Tony’s one-time true love, Jeanne Benoit, did show up again unexpectedly. She is married now, and seems to have moved on, but would she possibly change her life if Tony were to come back into it?

His relationship with Jeanne was easily the biggest and strongest that Tony ever had, and it honestly appeared as if they were heading for marriage. Things obviously didn’t work out that way, but a future reconciliation could be in the works.

Speaking of relationships, so many people truly wonder if Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) will come back at some point this season for DiNozzo’s sendoff. She has been away from the show for years now, and almost all fans want him to reunite with his former NCIS partner, but will it actually happen?

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TV Line is reporting that as of this time, there are “not currently” plans to have Cote de Pablo return to NCIS as Ziva David this season, or at any time. Michael Weatherly will be leaving, but he won’t see his never-to-be-truly-had love before he’s gone.

The non-plans for a Ziva return to NCIS come straight from CBS entertainment president Glenn Geller at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. As you can see though, he simply said “not currently,” and that leaves room for change if things can be worked out behind the scenes.

“They are working on how Michael’s character is going to be written out. [Showrunner] Gary [Glasberg] and the producers are working on that right now. I will definitely miss — as I’m sure the fans will, as well as my mother — Special Agent Tony DiNozzo. [Weatherly’s] decision was his. It was a creative one. He had been in the role for 13 years, and I completely understand it, and I wish him well.”

Michael Weatherly’s departure from NCIS is something that many people thought was coming and then knew would be happening, but never wanted it. Tony DiNozzo could reunite with a past love, leave to take care of his father, go work elsewhere, or even be killed off. The rumors are running wild, and fans simply need to wait and see what happens.

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