‘Homefront: The Revolution’ Release Dated, Beta Signups For Xbox One Live

Homefront: The Revolution finally has a confirmed release date for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC following leaks. Publisher Deep Silver dropped beta news plus a new trailer to give another look at an occupied Philadelphia in the year 2029.

Leaks of pre-order cards from Target that revealed a May 17, 2016, release date for Homefront: The Revolution have proven to be correct. Deep Silver confirmed the date and announced a beta is coming to the Xbox One in February.

Those interested in the beta can register on the official website by registering and providing only basic information such as name and email address. Note that the Homefront beta is to test the game’s online co-op play. The final release of the game will not contain a competitive multiplayer, as it is single-player and online co-op only.

Homefront: The Revolution is a sequel of sorts to the 2011 first-person shooter from THQ and Kaos Studios. It’s set in a near-future world where a global economic collapse has led to North and South Korea reuniting into the Greater Korean Republic (GKR), the United States government collapsing, and the GKR invading and conquering much of the Western United States.

The Revolution jumps two years into the future from the original Homefront, where the GKR now has control of the Eastern States after losing control of the West. Philadelphia is the invader’s home base in America, and it’s also the home of a growing resistance seen through the eyes of the main character, Ethan “Birdy” Brady.

“You’ve seen the Resistance wage open guerrilla warfare in the war-ravaged outskirts of the Red Zone, while the KPA and American collaborators hide and control the city from the fortified Green Zone. But this, this is Yellow Zone.

The Yellow Zones are the densely populated areas of Philadelphia, where civilians live in constant fear. A mix of Orwellian police state and ghetto slum, the People are kept under the heel of oppression through permanent surveillance, 24-hour propaganda, and an ever-constant military presence.

But even here in the Yellow Zone, the Resistance is at work. Hiding in plain sight, blending in with the crowd, and weapons concealed until the last possible moment, the last torch bearers of freedom have vowed to dismantle the KPA infrastructure here piece by bloody piece.

As a Freedom Fighter in the Resistance, you’ll uncover safe houses and other tactical locations from which to mount an attack; you’ll disrupt KPA propaganda, disable their security, and infiltrate and destroy high value targets; you’ll intervene to save civilian lives, or assassinate high ranking officials… each action a step forwards to your ultimate goal – Revolution…”

Homefront: The Revolution has a mixed development history. THQ announced a sequel to the original and then shut down the development studio behind it, Kaos Studios. Crytek, the developer responsible for the Crysis series and the CryEngine, was given the reins. It wasn’t long after though that THQ declared bankruptcy. Crytek purchased the rights to Homefront in a bankruptcy sale and began promoting the game as an open-world shooter to be co-published with Deep Silver.

Crytek then had its own financial issues, which resulted in it selling the Homefront rights to Deep Silver and its parent company, Koch Media. Dambuster Studios was then formed with employees from Crytek UK, which included game director Hasit Zala.

[Image via Homefront: The Revolution]

Unsurprisingly, Homefront: The Revolution’s planned 2015 release was delayed to give Dambuster Studios the time it needed to complete the game. Now it has a definite release date and all eyes will be on how a title with one of the more convoluted development histories will perform when it is released.

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[Image via Dambuster Studios]