'Pretty Little Liars' Spoilers: Are Spencer And Caleb Romantically Involved?

Pretty Little Liars has been heavily anticipated since the summer finale. There are going to be many changes to the cast and an entirely new "A" to stalk the liars. Rumors have been surfacing for weeks about how things will go down on Pretty Little Liars, and finally some answers have been given. Since Season 6B premieres tonight, the stars have been doing press for the last several days. While giving their answers, Pretty Little Liars fans have been able to piece some things together.

From photos that have surfaced from Pretty Little Liars episodes, there has been speculation that Spencer and Caleb may be seeing each other. This has totally sent "Haleb" and "Spoby" fans through the roof. Hanna is meant to be with Caleb, and Spencer and Toby had something no one could break. Because there has been a five-year jump between Season 6A and Season 6B, there is no telling what Pretty Little Liars fans will be walking into.

According to Bustle, Pretty Little Liars writers could have written Spencer and Caleb into a relationship. Troian Bellisario commented about how it may not be what fans are thinking, but they are both consenting adults. There were also comments about a betrayal, and that would be a big thing for the Pretty Little Liars characters to overcome after all they have been through together.

It has been confirmed that none of the Pretty Little Liars couples have remained together. There has been talk about who the ladies are or are not paired with, but the men have not been talked about much. Spencer will be returning to Rosewood from Washington, but no mention of where Toby is or what he has been doing. Caleb and Hanna moved to New York City together but ultimately end their relationship. Hanna has moved on with someone else, and Caleb has yet to be mentioned. In photos from upcoming episodes of Pretty Little Liars, Spencer and Caleb are shown getting close to one another. It looks like they may have grown close after their respective relationships fell apart. Since they have been friends for years, why not explore a relationship?

Besides Pretty Little Liars fans being upset over the relationship possibilities, there is also the concern about who the new "A" is going to be. According to Zap2it, the new "A" is going to have more power on Pretty Little Liars than ever before. The story behind it is being kept pretty quiet, and no spoilers are being leaked about a possible identity. Some fans have speculated that it could be one of the men the ladies were involved with, especially Ezra. It was revealed that he has had a rough five years since the ladies left Rosewood, and things are not going well. He will cross paths once again with Aria when her boyfriend takes Ezra on as a client with a book deal. Pretty Little Liars is going to get complicated quickly this season!

Tonight is the night Pretty Little Liars Season 6B will premiere on Freeform, formerly called ABC Family. There has been a lot of talk about what to expect from this season, but a lot of information about the liars has also become available. Much of what is happening with the girls has been revealed, but there are still details to fill in. Pretty Little Liars is one of the highest rated shows for teenagers and young adults and after almost six seasons, it is still going strong. While there is a possibility of seeing Spencer and Caleb in a romantic situation, reading too much into it may cause some disappointment. Nothing is ever what it seems in Rosewood, especially when the Pretty Little Liars are being stalked by "A."

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]