Did Kevin Hart Save Lady Gaga’s Life At The Golden Globes?

Did Kevin Hart save Lady Gaga’s life at the Golden Globes? That’s the story we’re hearing from Kevin Hart. So what exactly happened? Comedian Kevin Hart went on Ellen DeGeneres, and like the rest of the town, all talk was on the Golden Globes.

The comedian-actor was promoting his new Universal film The Ride Along 2 when he discussed how he saved Lady Gaga’s life. According to the comedian, when Lady Gaga walked up to collect her Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Limited TV Series or TV Motion Picture, she tripped and fell, but luckily Kevin Hart was there to save the day (or, at least, Gaga from embarrassment).

Although the cameras didn’t catch Gaga falling, Hart said that’s exactly what happened.

“What people don’t know is after she got the award she was walking off [and] she fell. I had to catch her.”

The comedian continued to tell the story with gusto, which the audience seemed to dig.

“And when I caught her I said, ‘I just want you to realize how big my arms are… It could have been bad. It could have been really bad for you, but I saved your life.'”

That said, the story didn’t stop there. Host Ellen DeGeneres wanted to know all the details about Lady Gaga’s fall from grace. She asked the comedian how far Gaga fell before Hart caught her.

Hart, of course, exaggerated the incident and set it up as if it were an elaborate action film and Gaga was the lady in distress.

“I didn’t let her go down that far because I’m a hero. The thing is like she was on her way down. It could have been brutal, you know? We’re talking blood, broken bones. But the inner hero in me grabbed her and my instincts kicked in. and I immediately cleared the camera. ‘Move!’ And then I had her and she was gasping for air. It was a moment.”

That wasn’t the only snafu Lady Gaga “suffered” through. What the cameras did catch was during her acceptance speech, she omitted one very special person in her life — her fiance actor Taylor Kinney. That said, even though she didn’t get to thank Kinney in public during the big night, she did rectify the moment afterward with a special post on Instagram.

In a photo of Gaga posing with her award, she went on to thank Taylor.

One thing that no one is going to forget about for a while is the look Leonardo DiCaprio gave Lady Gaga as she went up to collect her award. DiCaprio, who was shown laughing at the table, had his elbow bumped off his chair by a clueless Gaga. When DiCaprio realized, he gave her what could only be described as a disgusted and mildly entertained look.

DiCaprio was asked about the moment, which went viral, by reporters. The Revenant actor said he had no clue who had bumped into him at the time:

“Oh lord — that’s trending, huh? I just didn’t know what was passing me — that’s all!”

Despite DiCaprio’s confusion, the internet thinks that DiCaprio was blatantly shading Gaga and her win.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]