Brooklyn Gang Rape: Four Suspects Arrested In Brutal Rape Of NYC Teen

The Brookyln gang rape of an 18-year-old girl at a playground investigation has now culminated in the arrest of four suspects. Five New York City men reportedly ordered the rape victim’s father to leave the young woman at gunpoint — one remains on the loose.

Two of the Brooklyn gang rape suspects were turned in by their own parents. The suspected rapists police were notified about by the parents are ages 14 and 15. Two other suspects, ages 15 and 17, were caught by law enforcement agents during the investigation into the New York City rape. Charges against all of the accused teen rapists are currently pending, MSN reports.

After the Brooklyn gang rape, the Brownsville neighborhood has been on edge. Local elected officials have questioned whether or not the police departments acted quickly enough to notify the public about the violent rape. Law enforcement officials staunchly maintain that the investigation into the NYC gang rape and the public notification was conducted both quickly and appropriately.

Brooklyn Gang Rape Surveillance Video

The arrests in the New York City gang rape came just 24 hours after Brooklyn police released a deli surveillance camera video, CNN reports. The accused teen rapists allegedly went into the deli before the sexual assault of the 18-year-old girl. The age of the suspects has led some to reference the threat posed by youth and the backlash police have encountered after shootings of teenage crime suspects. In both the Mike Brown and the Tamir Rice police shootings, the young men were thought to potentially pose a threat by either witnesses or the cops before the officers drew their weapons.

According to police reports, five young men, at least one of them armed with a gun, walked up to the 18-year-old woman and her father at Osborn Playground. The violent encounter began around 9 p.m. last Thursday. The father told police investigators that he and his daughter were sitting at the park “drinking a beer” when the men approached.

The father also said that he ran from the scene to get help. It took the man about 20 minutes to happen upon a police cruiser in the neighborhood. Why the man did not stop at a store or knock on a door to ask for use of a phone to call 911, is one of the many unanswered questions surrounding the Brooklyn gang rape. When the father made his way back to Osborn Playground, the teenagers had already raped his daughter and fled the scene.

Police officers said that a 911 call was never made to alert them to the attack. According to a statement by law enforcement officials, the neighborhood where the rape took place is filled with public housing projects and stores which were open at the time, and where someone with a phone surely would have been present.

When the officers did learn of the gang rape, they immediately drove to the park and found the victim. Department officials told the media that a delay in police response absolutely did not occur. An ambulance was called to aid the terrified young woman. She was transported to Kings County Hospital Center for medical care.

Brooklyn police officer searched subway station and store surveillance camera footage in an attempt to identify the gang rape suspects after getting a workable description of the attackers from the victim. On Saturday afternoon a break in the case came when the Laida Deli surveillance camera footage provided images which the rape victim recognized. A public notice about the rape at the park and photos of the suspects was released to the media later the same evening.

Deli owner Mateo Gomez deemed the gang rape suspects “bad boys,” who frequent his store nearly every afternoon and steal snack food items. Some residents of the Brooklyn neighborhood told local reporters that Osborn Playground is a dangerous spot to hang out in at night. The play area is located between a school has basketball courts, a blacktop softball field, typical playground equipment, and handball courts. Lights at the park are rarely ever turned on at night, according to at least one area resident who spoke with the media.

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