Hillary Clinton Admits She’s Inspired By Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has a new BFF in the form of Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

During a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Hillary dished the details on her recent encounter with Kim, where the two snapped a now-world famous selfie, and admitted that she’s been looking to be a little more like the star ever since.

“She was very nice and of course when she says to me ‘Can we take a selfie?’ ” Clinton told DeGeneres of her previous meeting with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star this week. “I said, ‘Hello, of course.’ I mean that’s like an obvious answer,” Clinton continued.

Hillary then revealed during her latest appearance on the daytime talk show that she actually ended up being more enamored by Kim Kardashian’s elaborately decked out phone than the now famous selfie itself.

“[Kim] takes out her phone and she presses the button … I’ve never seen this anywhere else. I mean, you’re a famous celebrity, maybe you have … I haven’t,” Hillary said of Kardashian’s unique cell phone lighting, “She pulls it out it has lights all the way around it like little tiny, tiny lightbulbs.”

Clinton then admitted that she was so inspired by Kim Kardashian’s advanced selfie equipment that she’s been looking for her very own Kardashian-inspired phone ever since. “I have been desperately looking for one of those ever since with no luck,” Hillary told DeGeneres, “So, if anybody knows where you can get one… ”

Though Clinton hasn’t managed to get her hands on Kim Kardashian’s distinctive selfie phone since their encounter, it sounds like Hillary and Kim got on like a house on fire during their recent meeting.

The Kardashian/Clinton love-in went down during a Hillary Clinton fundraiser back in August, which People revealed at the time was held at Scooter Braun’s (who manages Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande) Los Angeles mansion.

“I got my selfie!!! I really loved hearing her speak & hearing her goals for our country!” Kardashian wrote alongside the sweet selfie, which was actually photobombed by Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West.

But this isn’t the first time Hillary has spoken out about her admiration for Kim Kardashian.

Speaking to Extra host Mario Lopez one month after her Kardashian encounter in September, the Democrat confessed during the interview that she actually finds Kim to be “inspirational” and “aspirational” in her own way.

“I really enjoyed meeting [Kim Kardashian],” Clinton told the former Saved By The Bell actor, adding that she found the star leader “to be warm and very personable” during their encounter. “She had a nice way of introducing her husband … as if I didn’t know who was he was … and I enjoy seeing [Kim] with her daughter,” she added to Extra.

“I think all of us in our ways can be inspirational or aspirational for people,” Hillary continued of Kim Kardashian, concluding, “I certainly think many people see [Kardashian] as someone who gets up every day and tries to figure out how to make that day successful.”

But while it seems like Kim Kardashian has a fan in Clinton, the reality star has been feeling some serious heat recently when it comes to her love of wearing fur.

Following some serious backlash of their love of fur clothing from animal rights groups like PETA, the Mirror recently reported that Kim and husband Kanye recently made a vow to wear only ethically sourced fur going forward. The site reported earlier this week that Kardashian and her other half have now made the promise to only wear fur that has been sourced from roadkill animals.

Watch Hillary Clinton discussing her encounter with Kim Kardashian below.

[Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]