When You’re Desperate For Liam Payne News This Happens

Liam Payne has been keeping a low profile in recent weeks. One Direction star Liam has rarely been seen or heard from since One Direction finished the round of promotional appearances in support of their fifth album, Made In The A.M. Whilst the media have been busy matchmaking for his band-mates, Payne has dropped out of the public eye for a well deserved rest. Of course Liam and the rest of One Direction spent the best part of 10-months on tour last year so no-one would deny that Payne deserves the chance to put his feet up before the annual round of music industry awards kick off.

Liam did pop up on social media on December 24 to wish Louis Tomlinson a happy birthday and his fans a merry Christmas. Payne also sent fans into something of a lather just after Christmas when he shared a photo of his very trim torso on Instagram to demonstrate that he had shed any weight he may have gained over the holidays.

Payne is normally pretty active on social media, so his absence is not that big a surprise, but fans and media alike start to get twitchy when Liam or his mates lay low for a while. Many fans were surprised that Liam did not make any public comments after Zayn Malik’s comments in Billboard last week. Payne held his peace over the article but as reported in Inquisitr Liam’s sister called out Malik in the nicest possible way on Twitter.


When the media has nothing to report on one of the stars who help to fill column inches, they sometimes revert to a time honored journalistic tradition. They either make something up or make a song and dance over nothing. It seems that Payne’s virtual absence from the media is about to do just that.

One Direction fans will need no reminding that Liam spent some time hanging out with rapper Juicy J this time last year. The pair shared pictures on social media explaining that they were collaborating, but since then, things have gone pretty quiet. It now seems that the Liam and Juicy tracks might be about to be released. The Mirror reports that Juicy J has been using snapchat to tease fans as to when his collaboration with Liam will be released but frustratingly he gives no actual details.


Of course a lack of actual facts should never be allowed to get in the way of a good story. U.K. tabloid the Sun reports that on Juicy J’s snapchat video Liam can be seen smoking.

Liam smoking isn’t exactly big news. Payne has been pictured smoking on numerous occasions and the Sun has even reported on it in the past. So Liam smoking isn’t a story, oh wait, Juicy is known to smoke cannabis so cue the Liam Payne on drugs angle.


That is exactly what the Sun reports today. Liam hung out with Juicy J who smokes weed 12 -months ago so now “less than two weeks into the New Year and Liam Payne is embroiled in Juicy J’s drug riddle. Dan Wootton claims that one of his “unnamed sources” says it doesn’t look good for Liam to be seen smoking.

“Even though there’s no proof Liam was smoking any of the cannabis, it doesn’t look great on camera.”

“He has millions of young fans around the world. Hanging around with someone openly taking drugs could be damaging for his reputation. Liam has always been seen as the sensible one of the group, but it looks like he’s keen to shed that tag.”

Wootton closes his article by saying that he hopes that One Direction “will concentrate on getting high in the charts rather than in other ways” during their break.

This is far from the first time that Wootton and the Sun has linked members of One Direction with drug use. Many fans believe that there is a concerted campaign to damage the reputations of Payne and the rest of the band. Lets face it even if Payne were smoking a bit of weed with Juicy the headline “musician smokes a joint” is hardly earth shattering.

[Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP]