Here’s What Ricky Gervais Said To Mel Gibson During Censored Golden Globes Segment

Anyone who is the least bit familiar with the awards show fare of entertainer Ricky Gervais couldn’t call it unexpected – including Mel Gibson. Indeed, Gervais peppered the men and women of Hollywood with various and sundry jabs and put downs for the better part of the evening during Sunday night’s Golden Globes show, and in a particularly noteworthy segment, he skewered Mel Gibson and an accused sex offender together in the very same joke. And it all went down as Gibson himself stepped on stage for his spot as a presenter at the event.

After making a thinly veiled crack at Mel Gibson’s embarrassing history of anti-Semitic comments, the comedian went on to make light of Gibson’s struggles with substance abuse, mixing in a reference to the voluminous number of sexual misconduct allegations facing entertainer Bill Cosby.

mel gibson mugshot
In this Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department booking photo, actor Mel Gibson has his police mug shot taken July 28, 2006 in Los Angeles, California. Gibson was arrested July 28, 2006 for drunk driving after he was caught speeding and had a blood alcohol reading of 0.12 percent according to authorities. (Photo by Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department via Getty Images)

“I want to say something nice about Mel before he comes out,” Gervais said in a video clip re-posted by gossip mogul Perez Hilton. “So, I’d rather have a drink with him in his hotel room tonight than with Bill Cosby.”

As Gibson headed towards the podium, he shared a friendly embrace with Gervais. But once Ricky Gervais turned his back to step backstage, Mel let loose with a few shots of his own, likening his periodic encounters with Gervais to a colonoscopy. When Gervais came back out from behind the curtain as if to answer a challenge from the Lethal Weapon star, things got a little tense. Gibson let loose with what was ostensibly a lighthearted insult, calling Gervais a son of a b***h, prompting Gervais to briefly take back the microphone and let loose with a response that was send censors into overdrive.

Although the television audience was mostly in the dark, the facial expressions of those on hand indicated that Ricky Gervais had unleashed a whopper.

mel gibson golden globes

The website Screen Crush broke down the redacted content based on reports from backstage, reporting that Ricky Gervais brought up one of the more offbeat insults coined by Mel Gibson during his 2006 arrest for driving under the influence.

“Listen… Can I ask you a question? I think we all want to know the answer to this: What the f**k does sugart**s even mean?” Gervais asked Gibson as the two stood almost nose to nose at the presenter’s podium. The final sentence was bleeped out of the segment.

Gibson infamously addressed a female police officer as “sugart**s” during the aforementioned 2006 incident.

For his part, Mel Gibson appeared to take it all in stride, implying that he never made the offending remark.

“I don’t know, ask the person who said it,” Gibson said to Gervais as the host walked off stage once again.

Last week, Rick Gervais gave fans advance notice that his Golden Globes performance would be decidedly raunchy. As previously noted by Inquisitr, he tweeted an apology in advance, sharing his intention to imbibe copious quantities of alcohol as the Golden Globes gig unfolded.

“Because I can see the future, I’d like to apologize now for the things I said at next week’s Golden Globes,” Gervais said via Twitter. “I was drunk & didn’t give a f**k.”

This year’s show was the fourth time Ricky Gervais has hosted the Golden Globes and in each show, the effervescent Englishman has made it a hallmark of his efforts to offend as many celebrities as possible through profanity and biting humor. This evening was not the first time he has taken aim at Mel Gibson, either.

“I like a drink as much as the next man, unless the next man is Mel Gibson,” Gervais quipped during his appearance at the 2010 Golden Globes.

In his 2012 Golden Globes monologue, Ricky Gervais joked that he had been told not to mention Mel Gibson at all but he still managed to work in a joke about the actor that included some off-color innuendo about Jodie Foster.

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