Christina Aguilera Hints That New Music Is On The Way

Christina Aguilera music

Is Christina Aguilera releasing new music? She might be. We know it’s been a long time coming since her fans have listened to a new sound from Aguilera. Over the last few years, Aguilera has taken a break from music to focus on mentoring on The Voice, and raising her two children, Max and Summer.

That said, it looks like the whole time Aguilera has been thinking about what her next album would sound like. It’s been three years since fans have heard anything other than her last album, Lotus, and it sounds like they are more than ready to hear more from Aguilera.

In the past, she’s hinted that she has something in the works, but recently she made a loud and concrete statement that she’s officially back in the studio. The “Stripped” singer shared a photo of herself on Instagram inside a recording studio. The photo doesn’t come with a caption, but it doesn’t exactly need one. The fans got the message that Aguilera is working on something, and whether that’s a full length album, an EP or a single, fans seem to be excited about the possibility that something is coming from the singer. So far, the photo has 74.8k likes.

Fans immediately took to her Instagram to comment on the photo.

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One fan wrote: “I love you Christina, fighter forever, thank you for all these years, you made me feel good about myself, you were the only reason I passed a lot of hard situations, can’t wait for a new era, new songs and a new masterpiece. love you girl.”

Another wrote the following.

“YESSS oh my god I almost died, I can’t believe the queen is BACK! The queen is BACK!”

Back in January of last year, she said that she connected with The Voice mentor Pharrell Williams and discussed her upcoming album. Although this quote came out a year ago, fans can rest easy that she’s had this album on her mind for a while.

“During my pregnancy, I had a meeting with him and just connected on where I want to take the next album, and we started talking music, and he has one song in particular that I love.”

She continued as follows.

“I just have to make sure it’s right, and it’s genuine and it’s heartfelt, and I’m very excited to pour my heart out into this record fully. I’ve been gathering and writing and coming up with these amazing ideas for different parts of how I was feeling the past year, so I’m really excited to vocalize all of it and make it all come together.”

The last we heard about the singer, there was some drama brewing behind the scenes of The Voice. Christina has been out this season, as she and Gwen switch off every other season. The only difference is that this season, Stefani got divorced from her husband, Gavin Rossdale, and fell in love with Blake Shelton.

Radar Online reported the following via sources.

“Christina said that it was her show and gave a really big spiel about how she thinks that Gwen used this Blake thing to try and stay on the show. Now people are dreading her return.”

According to People, Shelton doesn’t want Stefani to go, as he told Extra, “I don’t want Gwen to not be on the show. Why can’t we have a fifth coach?”

Are you excited for Christina’s new album?

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