‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers Week 2: Caila Quinn Snags Hot Tub Date, Becca Gets Catty, Three Girls Go Home

Ben Higgins begins his second week as The Bachelor on January 11 and there are 21 ladies anxiously awaiting the first date cards of the season. On Monday night, three girls will go home at the rose ceremony after Ben goes on two group dates and enjoys his first one-on-one date with contestant Caila Quinn.

According to Reality Steve‘s spoilers, 17 out of 21 girls will snag a date with Ben, leaving four ladies dateless on Week 2. Lauren B., Rachel, Jami and Leah need to figure out how to get along, because they will be stuck in the Bachelor mansion while the other ladies get to spend time with Ben.

Who goes on the group dates, what do Caila and Ben do on their date, and who goes home at the rose ceremony this week? Here’s what fans can expect on the second episode of the Bachelor along with a few preview clips that indicate that a whole ‘lotta crying will be happening this season.

Caila Quinn, a 24-year-old software sales rep, who lives just a few miles from Boston, Massachusetts, scores the one-on-one date with Ben. Not only will they get to spend some time getting to know each other (in a hot tub!), ABC reports that Ben and Caila will get to spend time with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, the stars of the new film Ride Along 2.

Fans can see a few snippets from Ben’s date with Caila in the video preview below.

According to her Bachelor bio, Caila has quite a number of first date pet peeves; Although, Ben doesn’t appear to be a guy who curses a lot or picks his nose.

“I hate it when my date… Curses… picks their nose/overly wipes their nose… breathes heavily… is too protective too soon….gets so cheesy that it seems fake, like, ‘Here is a leaf on a bush we passed on our first date because I’m a romantic guy.'”

If the spoilers are correct, Ben passes the test with Caila and she impresses the Bachelor, as well. Caila gets a rose at the end of the one-on-one date, meaning she will be safe from elimination at the rose ceremony.

Although his date with Caila is rumored to be a big success, Ben still has to get through two group dates before he starts the second round of eliminations.

One of the group dates includes 10 girls who head back to school with Ben. Previews show Chris Harrison dressed as a rather nerdy teacher and Ben cheering on Jubilee, Lace, Lauren (Barr), Mandi, Amber, Becca, Jen, JoJo, Lauren H., and Jackie as they bob for apples in what looks like an elementary school classroom.

Becca Tilley notes in the preview below that Jackie, who is having trouble grabbing an apple, has a “small mouth.” And the cattiness begins.

Of course, Becca’s comment isn’t the only dig one of the girls makes during a group date this week. Six girls (Emily, Haley, Shushanna, Olivia, Sam, and Amanda) go on a rather bizarre date that involves Ben sniffing them after they work out. Olivia Caridi, who got Ben’s first impression rose last week, makes a catty remark about Sam after Ben says she smells “sour.”

Watch the group date preview video below and see if you think this might be the start of Olivia’s reign as this season’s villain.

The rose ceremony eliminations will have a twist this week. Reality Steve‘s spoilers indicate that three girls will go home, but one will do so on her own. Two girls — Sam and Jackie — don’t get a rose from Ben, but Lauren Barr turns the tables on the Bachelor and rejects the rose he presents to her. Allegedly, she leaves because being on the show isn’t what she expected — perhaps she’s never watched the show?

Update: Reality Steve updated his spoilers after Episode 2 aired. Mandi was eliminated this week in addition to the girls listed above.

Tune in to see how the dates and the drama begin on Monday night. Week 2 of the Bachelor begins at 8 p.m. ET, followed by Bachelor Live at 10 p.m. ET.

[Image via Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group © 2016 Disney]