Powerball Winning Numbers: Drawing Reveals Latest Winners As Jackpot Rockets [Videos, Photos]

The Powerball winning numbers have been drawn, and while there were winners who matched some of the white balls and the red Powerball, no one managed to claim the jackpot. The last Powerball drawing took place on January 9, and the winning numbers were as follows: 16, 32, 19, 34, 57 and the Powerball is 13. The record-breaking jackpot saw more people buying tickets as the grand prize skyrocketed in worth faster than the Powerball site could keep up. By the time the Powerball winning numbers were announced, the jackpot had rocketed to $949.8 million. As no grand prize winner claimed the Powerball jackpot by matching all the winning numbers, it has ballooned to a staggering $1.3 billion. More people than ever before are caught up in Powerball fever, and dreaming of 1.3 billion ways to spend a billion dollars, should they match all winning numbers at the next drawing.

You can watch the video of the Powerball winning numbers as they were announced live in the latest drawing that occurred on January 9, 2016, in the video player below.

As Powerball fever swept the nation for the past week, there are many people who are expressing mixed emotions on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Some Powerball and lottery players are disappointed they didn’t match the winning numbers, while others are geared up for the next drawing. Powerball memes took over the Internet Saturday night, with “Powerball Steve Harvey” trending, due to his mishap announcing the Miss Universe winner. There’s no reason to suspect those memes will end, but may become more creative as the next Powerball drawing approaches. The stats are still coming in, but long lines and an increase in Powerball sales are good early indicators that sales were broken in the multiple states where Powerball is played and tickets are sold. We’ll have the exact figures for you as soon as they come in.

Here are some Twitter responses from those who played Powerball but failed to match all five white balls and the red Powerball when the winning numbers were revealed.

Though we don’t have the exact number of Powerball ticket sales, and no one matched all five of the winning numbers and the Powerball number, there were many Powerball winners Saturday night. According to the official Powerball lottery website, there were 18,315,365 winners for lesser prizes. The non jackpot prizes totaled $159,080,965. Keep in mind that in addition to the current $1.3 billion grand prize jackpot, there are $1 million and $50,000 prizes. There are multiple ways to play and win Powerball, and you don’t have to match all the numbers in the exact order to win. Various combinations of winning numbers will qualify for different prizes. You can check Powerball prizes, odds, and ways to win at the site.

As people gear up for the next Powerball drawing and chance to match the winning numbers, many are searching for Powerball secrets, strategies, and tips that will help them win. Before purchasing any book or video series that proposes to teach Powerball winning methods, it’s a good idea to make certain the person advocating the tips has actually won the Powerball and other lotteries. Currently, there is one person who has won the Powerball and other lotteries seven times. His name is Richard Lustig, and he has shared many of his secrets, tips, and strategies. You can learn more about Richard Lustig and his tips for winning the Powerball through his books and videos. It is unknown if Richard Lustig played in Saturday’s Powerball or matched any of the winning numbers in the record-breaking jackpot game.

Since there were no Powerball grand prize jackpot winners, and no one matched all of the winning numbers, the jackpot continues to rocket. With more projected sales before the next Powerball drawing, the jackpot could continue to rise.

The next Powerball drawing will take place on Wednesday, January 13, 2016. Are you going to purchase a ticket and try your luck at matching the winning numbers?

Here’s a quick look at the Powerball odds for those planning on playing for next Wednesday’s jackpot

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]