Harry Styles’ Tattoo For Kendall Jenner, But Kendall ‘Just Having Fun’

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner have been looking pretty serious lately, and now Styles has plans to take a big step in the relationship. It’s not an engagement ring yet, but definitely something “meaningful.” Harry is “thinking about” adding a special Kendall tattoo to his ink collection, to show the oldest Jenner sister just how serious he is, and make sure she knows that “she’ll always be on his mind.”

Harry, 22, and Kendall, 20, had a “brief fling” in 2013, and the Times of India reports that they recently decided to try again to see if the attraction they still feel for each other is real. They “rekindled” their romance several weeks ago, and this time it looks like Kendall might become a “permanent part” of Harry’s life. Styles and Jenner went away together for New Year’s, and had a sexy holiday on board a yacht in St. Barth’s, where they were photographed displaying some “serious PDA.”

Now, the One Direction star wants to make the romantic connection with Kendall stronger. A source told Hollywood Life that Harry is planning a new tattoo to be a special one “in honor of Kendall.” Rather than a straightforward portrait, or spelling her name in calligraphy, Harry wants to make the tattoo something that would have a special message for both Harry and Kendall.

“It wouldn’t be her face or name or anything like that, but something that is meaningful for the both of them. Something that shows Kendall how special she is to him.”

There’s no word yet on what symbolism Styles might choose for the new Kendall tattoo, but it may include parts of some old ink. Harry has over 62 tattoos on his ripped body, and has been known to redo previous tattoos. He used to sport the words, “I Can’t Change,” on his left wrist, but apparently decided change was possible after all. The tattoo turned into a “large black and white anchor” that covers his former ink. Around the same time, he changed the words “Things I Can,” on his inner right forearm into an eagle.

So, what does that mean for the level of commitment Harry’s tattoo for Kendall would show? According to Hollywood Life, Harry would still have to be “pretty intense” about Kendall to get new ink for her, but he might not be as committed as it seems. If the relationship with Kendall doesn’t work out, and the tattoo is a sad reminder, Harry would “likely cover it up with something else.” Wow! But that doesn’t seem to bother Kendall too much. She’s happy with the tattoo idea.

“Kendall is of course completely flattered.”

Kendall’s attitude could be because she’s not that serious about the relationship yet, and just likes the idea of a tattoo even if it’s not permanent. The Mirror reports what a source told Entertainment Tonight about Kendall and Harry.

“Kendall is just having fun right now.”

There’s also the reality that love hurts, and Kendall might be deliberately keeping it casual for now with Harry.

“Kendall is proceeding with caution and seeing where it goes. She doesn’t want to get hurt. She knows what the deal is.”

It’s a tough call for the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. She’s busy with her modelling career, and Harry is busy with One Direction. In the meantime, a little ink never hurt, and a special tattoo may be just what Kendall needs to throw caution away and get serious with Harry.

Do you think Styles’ tattoo will help Harry and Kendall should take it to the next level?

[Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images]