Snooze Proof Your Morning: New ‘Alarm Rug’ Forces You To Get Out Of Bed On Time

The Ruggie “alarm rug” is the latest alarm clock innovation that requires users get out of bed to turn off the chime. Instead of having the tempting option to hit snooze each morning on your alarm clock, Ruggie requires that the user stand on it for three seconds before it deactivates. The rug may be annoying for late snoozers, but it is guaranteed to get you out of bed at your scheduled time. However, the rug doesn’t just force you out of bed, it can also play motivational quotes as a reward for rising on time.

Bustle reports that the Ruggie “alarm clock rug” will help you kick your habit of hitting the snooze button in the morning. Though it may be tempting to get a few extra minutes of shut eye in the morning, the habit can prove to actually make you more tired than if you just got up at the first sound of the alarm. Hitting snooze can also cause stress as it can be a source of missing breakfast, not having time to look your best in the morning, and can cause you to be late to work or another important appointments. Therefore, the inventors of Ruggie feel they are doing you a favor by offering up the world’s most annoying rug.

The rug is made of memory foam and features an LED light the displays the time in the corner. The rug can double as a nightlight if the LED display is activated and is designed to blend in with any room decor with a modern and sleek design. The rug is different than a traditional alarm clock in that it does not have a snooze option. In fact, you can not even turn the rug off unless you physically get out of bed and stand on the soft memory foam for at least three seconds.

After standing on the rug for the full three seconds, Ruggie can be programmed to reward you by reading off motivational quotes or playing a song to get you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. The motivational quotes or songs can be used for those who may be tempted to lay back down in bed after the three seconds are up, and encourages the user to get moving. Listen to some of the “motivational” quotes used in the demo Ruggie below.

According to the Kickstarter campaign, Ruggie will retail for $99 and is guaranteed to snooze proof your morning routine.

“Getting out of bed has never been so easy. Effortlessly create successful morning routines and wake up motivated everyday!”

To fully customize your Ruggie, the rug comes with a USB hook up that allows you to drop any media files you would like into the rug’s database. This means that the motivational bits that the Ruggie plays after you successfully stand on the unit for three seconds can be customized to anything you want. If you can find it on a media file, the Ruggie can say it.

The Ruggie inventors remind users that the alarm rug was “inspired by greatness” noting that some of the most successful people in the world sleep for just six or seven hours a night.

Ruggie wants you to be like these inspirational individuals and never hit your snooze button again. (Image via Kickstarter)

What do you think about the alarm clock rug concept? Do you need a Ruggie to help get out of bed on time?

[Image via Kickstarter/ Ruggie]