4th Of July Fireworks Cancelled Around U.S. Due To Heat Wave

The sky may not be completely filled with fireworks tonight. Several cities have cancelled their 4th of July fireworks due to extremely dry conditions caused by the recent heat wave.

Bruce Jones, the mayor of Douglas, Wyoming, said:

“All it would take is one spark from a shell to get away, and it could go everywhere… It’s the better part of valor not to do it.”

The Huffington Post notes that nearly all of Colorado has cancelled its firework celebrations.

Fort Collins City Manager Darin Atteberry said:

“The City wanted to avoid prematurely canceling this long standing community tradition, but with the extreme nature of fires currently burning across our state in addition to a 10-day forecast with no expected reprieve, we believe this to be the most prudent course of action.”

Shows in Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, New York, and several other states have been cancelled due to the high temperatures and dry conditions.

Craig Peeps, the Fire Lieutenant in Kent, Ohio, said:

“The decision wasn’t a snap decision, we are trying to consider the safety of all of the residents… The site that we are using is right down by the river. It’s got lots of grassy areas and trees it also incorporates a park where currently we have no access because a bridge is out so if we shoot and we have a fire in that area that we can’t get to put it out then it can escalate.”

Are you watching 4th of July Fireworks tonight?