‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nikolas Pressures Jason, Tracy Taunts Hayden, And Johnny’s Presence Shakes Up Port Charles

This has been a big week on General Hospital and spoilers tease that there is plenty more action on the way in Friday’s episode. Robin and Patrick got married and headed out of town with Emma on Thursday’s show, while Nikolas was presented with papers on a lawsuit filed by Michael related to ELQ. Tracy is putting the pressure on Hayden while Nikolas is looking to exert some control over Jason. Where are things headed in the January 8 episode?

General Hospital spoilers from Friday’s preview indicate that Nikolas will be using his fall off the terrace to leverage his position with ELQ. He will be telling Jason that what he ultimately tells police about their argument the night of the fall will depend on what Jason chooses to do. Nik will most certainly be pressuring Jason to side with him in the battle over his ELQ shares with Michael.

This will surely be a complicated situation for Jason. He doesn’t remember his ties to the Quartermaine family or company, and there isn’t necessarily much of a loyalty there at this point. At the same time, the Jason of years past would not likely feel threatened by this kind of situation, as he would surely find a way to ensure he stays out of jail. What will this new Jason decide to do when threatened by Nikolas?

According to She Knows Soaps, Friday’s episode also brings some drama for Elizabeth. As everybody saw on Thursday, she heard a sound in the house that left her a bit frightened. That continues on this next episode, as it would seem that somebody is in her house or hovering right outside. General Hospital spoilers indicate that later in the show, Jason and Elizabeth will discover something very disturbing. Is this related to Jake’s issues again, and are things getting dangerous for Liz at home on her own?

Viewers will see more between Hayden and Tracy, as well. Tracy has been frustrated by Hayden’s slow progress in their plan regarding ELQ and Nikolas, and she is ready to put on some additional pressure. Tracy indicated that she has a pretty big secret about Hayden, seemingly about who she really is, and more comes out about this during Friday’s show. Just what is the truth about Hayden?

Lulu and Johnny got a bit frisky as the new year began, and it seems Lulu will be facing some questions over who she has been spending so much time with lately. Some will think that she’s been getting closer to Dillon, but of course, that isn’t the truth. Both Maxie and Dante will be asking Dillon some questions and it seems Dillon’s answers will pave the way to some shake-ups soon.

Johnny is supposed to be laying low, but he’s been getting a bit brazen in his activities lately. General Hospital spoilers share that she will be questioning him on his recent whereabouts, but it seems likely that he will dance around the truth. In addition, Celeb Dirty Laundry also teases that GH fans will see Valerie get quite emotional in this episode, telling Dante that she is in trouble. Is this related to Johnny’s plan or something else?

Things are definitely going to get even more complicated with Jake as Liz, Laura and Jason all have increasing concerns about his behavior. Jason has some big decisions to make and it is clear that Tracy, Hayden and Nikolas all are willing to go to great lengths to accomplish their goals. Fans can’t wait to see what comes next as the drama continues on General Hospital.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]