Jane Lynch is Everywhere This Week

Not that long ago, people only really knew Jane Lynch as one of those quirky actresses featured in those Christopher Guest movies like Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, and For Your Consideration. Years later, she became a household name playing the role of Coach Sue Sylvester in Glee. And this week in particular, she’s everywhere.

Hollywood Game Night
On Tuesday, January 5, 2015, Jane Lynch began her fourth season of Hollywood Game Night on NBC. In 2013, the show began as an eight-week experiment where two contestants were teamed up with three celebrities each to play pop culture games in Jane’s “living room” while a live band played in the hallway or somewhere. That first outing later firmed up the notion that the woman could host as well as she can act, and the show continues to get good ratings.

People’s Choice Awards
On Wednesday, January 6, 2015, Lynch hosted the 2016 People’s Choice Awards show. Lynch herself is a four-time nominee and won for Favorite TV Comedy Actress in 2011. While Jane’s brassiness might not be appropriate for other award shows, she appeared to be a perfect fit for this one, as her skill for improv theater was used for good. On the heels of last month’s “pageant-gate,” where Steve Harvey accidentally awarded the wrong Miss Universe, Lynch took the opportunity to take shots at the Family Feud host during the broadcast.

The Huffington Post captured the event where Lynch said, “We’re trying something new this year. This year, People’s Choice Awards has picked one entertainer who, for whatever reason, has never won a People’s Choice Award but who we believe is deserving of one. And this year, the award goes to the actor and comedian extraordinaire, star of The Odd Couple, ladies and gentlemen, Tom Lennon!” Faking shock and disbelief, Lennon accepted the award with grace and then was suddenly interrupted mid-speech by Lynch who said, “I’m sorry. I have to apologize here. First runner-up is Tom Lennon. The winner is Miss Colombia! … Listen, it’s my fault, I didn’t bother to come to dress rehearsal and man, I just read the card wrong.”

Angel From Hell
Tonight, Thursday, January 7, 2015, Jane Lynch starred in her new comedy, Angel From Hell, and the reviews have been mixed, with headlines that include: “CBS’ ‘Angel From Hell’ is Beyond Salvation” (Los Angeles Times), “Angel From Hell is Not Exactly Divine” (Variety), and “‘Angel From Hell’ is No Heavenly Trip” (USA Today). While the show is not exactly a new version of Touched By an Angel, not all of the reviews have been bad, and even those that are, they still say that watching the show would not be a complete waste of time:

“Well, I could tell you, or you could just watch ‘Angel From Hell,’ because it is Jane Lynch after all, and she’s always worth watching,” says Mary McNamara from The Los Angeles Times.

Amber Dowling from The Wrap rather liked the show’s pilot episode.

“It’s a perfect vehicle for Lynch’s quick dialogue and delivery, as popularized by Sue Sylvester on ‘Glee.’ But whereas Sue was a crass character with few redeeming qualities, Lynch’s softness is allowed to shine through more often as Amy, rendering her a less two-dimensional character than we’ve seen in the past. It’s an important distinction to make, given Lynch’s natural ability to overpower any scene she’s in.”

Still, Dowling fears that the wacky sitcom could have a short shelf life.

More Jane to Come
And if you still aren’t burned out by watching Jane Lynch on the small screen, you can look forward to DVRing her appearing on ABC’s The Chew on Wednesday, January 13 where she will share some her opinion on “Must Have Morning Meal Makeovers.” (So now she’s a chef too?)

So why is Jane more popular than ever? For starters, she is totally likeable. Sure, she can be snarky, but she is never mean. Lynch has a personality that can make others feel like they know her, when in reality they don’t. She has no trouble making fun of herself and doesn’t come across as a diva.

Ever since her first role as a candle in third grade, Lynch has proven that she has a natural talent to make people laugh. But Lynch can seriously act too. Her take as Julia Child’s sister, Dorothy McWilliams, in 2009’s Julie and Julia, almost stole the show.

In addition to her current work, Lynch has five other projects in the works including the upcoming Christopher Guest movie, Mascots, making a complete circle.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]