Sian Blake Murder: British Soap Star’s Body Was In Her Backyard Garden Undetected For 20 Days, Even As Police Searched Home

Sian Blake was killed and hidden in her backyard garden alongside the bodies of her two young sons, but their bodies lay undetected for nearly three weeks even as police searched the home for the missing trio.

Blake, who was best known for her work on EastEnders, was found dead earlier this week though it took investigators from Scotland Yard more than a day to positively identify her body. The 43-year-old Blake was found alongside the bodies of her two young sons, 8-year-old Zachary and 4-year-old Amon. They had been reported missing in December, People magazine noted.

Sian Blake was last seen alive on December 13. Neighbors said they saw her partner, 48-year-old Arthur Simpson-Kent, removing bags from the family’s car the next day but did not see Sian or their children.

Investigators from Scotland Yard are now searching for Arthur Simpson-Kent, who was questioned by police in mid-December and later seen entering Kotoka International Airport in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. Police appealed for any information that could lead to Simpson-Kent, who People noted is a hair stylist who has worked in the entertainment industry and for fashion houses Versace, Armani, and Givenchy.

Police are also under fire for failing to find the body of Sian Blake and her children, despite searching the home shortly after she was declared missing.

But investigators suggested that the bodies may have been buried.

“The timeline as to what activity police did when and how will be subject to the investigation,” the Scotland Yard spokesperson added.

“What we did say on the discovery of the bodies is that considerable efforts had been made to conceal the bodies, and that police had to excavate the garden.”

A photo from the murder scene of Sian Blake showed crews wearing what appeared to be hazard suits, including face masks.

A police spokesperson said that all three died from “head and neck injuries,” but did not offer any other specifics on the nature of the wounds, the BBC reported.

The spokesperson continued.

“It is an ongoing murder investigation led by the Homicide and Major Crime command.

“It is very fast moving and there are a number of lines of inquiry.”

While a motive for Blake’s murder is not yet clear, Sian’s sister said she was planning to leave her boyfriend. She believes Arthur Simpson-Kent is to blame for her sister’s murder.

“I want him to face justice,” Ava Blake said, via the BBC. “It’s my nephews more than anything. My brother is angry. My cousins are angry.

“They are angry about Sian, but the boys have devastated us. We have lost a generation. We can never replace them.”

Ava noted that Sian Blake appeared to have changed in the past year, growing much more quiet and talking about moving away from her boyfriend and coming home.

“In our opinion the relationship had already come to an end but she hadn’t quite made that break or that decision to leave Arthur,” she said.

Though Sian Blake was best known for her role as soul singer Frankie Pierre on EastEnders in the 1990s, she also went on to score a number of roles including Doctors, The Bill and Skins, as well as a second appearance in Casualty. She later retired from acting and became a sign-language teacher and interpreter.

Police are calling for anyone with information about the murder of Sian Blake to come forward.

[Image via Met Police/BBC]