Ashley Doherty Of ‘Married At First Sight’ Receiving Death Threats From Viewers

Ashley Doherty married David Norton at first sight and they are still working on their relationship on season 3 of Married At First Sight. It turns out that some people are not impressed by Ashley and they are actually sending her death threats. The Ashley’s Reality Roundup shared that Ashley’s mom is speaking out and wants this to all end. Some of the comments on social media call Ashley “cold” and “mean” to David. MAFS is still in the very early stages of the season and David and Ashley are actually just getting to know each other.


Ashley Doherty’s mom, Mary, is speaking out though, and went to her Twitter page to share her thoughts about how her daughter may need some assistance.

“Someone better start protecting my daughter it’s one thing to bully on social media but death threats are serious.”

Doherty’s stepdad and mom both feel like Married At First Sight is actually editing her to look different than she really is and that viewers are seeing a different side of Ashley that isn’t reality. A few people have said that Ashley is a gold digger, but her family says that isn’t the case at all. Ashley herself has been pretty quiet, but her stepdad, Marc, isn’t doing that at all. He went to Facebook to share his thoughts.

“I totally get that the opinions come with the territory..good or bad. However I have to comment on 2 topics that have gotten under my skin. This [comment that] Ashley is not compassionate or how can she be a nurse nonsense and this insinuation she is a gold digger… News Flash – Ashley has a Masters degree in social work. She worked for a state agency for years in the foster care program. Was well respected not only by her employer but by all of the families for which she counseled. She decided to go into nursing and is back in school full time and to support herself (let me say this again for the gold digger advocates) she supports HERSELF working 60 hours a week. Does not take money from anyone…”

If you watch Married At First Sight, it is obvious that David Norton and Ashley Doherty are having a bit of trouble getting used to being married. Regardless of if you go into it for the right reasons, it is difficult to meet someone and end up married to them the next day. This is such a different concept that you never know how are you going to act.

HNGN shared that Ashley Doherty actually responded on Twitter herself to some of the criticism that she got from viewers this past week. During the episode, David Norton called her out for not wanting to open up to him after the pair discussed their intimacy issues with Dr. Schwartz. Ashley Doherty had to go to Twitter to share her side after the episode aired.


Viewers still have to wait and see if David Norton and Ashley Doherty can make their relationship work or not. These two are very early in their marriage on the show. Hopefully now that her family is speaking out the death threats toward Ashley will come to an end.

Do you feel like people are taking it too far with their threats to Ashley Doherty? Do you think that David and Ashley can make it work? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Married At First Sight on Tuesday nights on FYI.

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