WWE News: Former NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks Now Dealing With Injury?

As Cageside Seats said so eloquently, “This is beyond ridiculous.” Never has the WWE endured this many injuries in a span of 12 months. Let’s leave out the low-card WWE superstars who barely make it on television in a year’s span. Too many top stars in the WWE are getting injured and nobody can figure out why. Just last night, John Cena announced to the world that he was getting surgery today in Birmingham to fix a shoulder problem. The length of time he’ll be out is still unclear

Seth Rollins tore ligaments in his knee at a house show overseas. He’ll miss at least the next few months. Cesaro also sustained a bad shoulder injury. He could miss two more months, and that’s being optimistic, borderline naive. Nikki Bella has neck problems and either had surgery or is getting prepped for an operation.

Nikki Bella

Daniel Bryan still isn’t cleared from a concussion he received after the WrestleMania pay-per-view. Lastly, Tyson Kidd nearly had a career-threatening injury at the hands of Samoa Joe in a dark match. It was a freak accident. At last count, every champion to walk out of WrestleMania 31 is injured right now and may miss WrestleMania 32.

Is there anything else that can stymie the WWE’s plans to have a successful WrestleMania 32 pay-per-view?

The WWE lost another top star, and perhaps future champion. According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter and Cageside Seats, Sasha Banks is dealing with an undisclosed injury.

“That would explain why she mysteriously disappeared from television over the past week after consecutive victories over Becky Lynch.

“Her last match was a win over Becky in Brooklyn on Dec. 28.”

Like the report mentions, Banks was supposed to enter a feud with Charlotte for the WWE Divas championship before her injury happened. After the events on WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown, it appears Becky Lynch will take Banks’ spot, and she’s doing a great job at it. Many fans think Lynch deserved the chance.

Becky Lynch WWE Interview
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It’s hard not to like Lynch, who spent years to try and get to the position she did. In an interview with Chris Jericho on his podcast, the Talk is Jericho, Lynch talked about how the Four Horsewomen name came to be and her call to the main roster.

“Well, we didn’t start calling ourselves that and then we did an interview and then we were called the Four Horsewomen.

“It was amazing. It was absolutely amazing. I feel like we all need to be up here together and I can’t wait for Bayley to come up as well because I feel that we’re a unit even though we might be on separate teams, there’s an energy and a chemistry between all of us. If [only] one of us came, it’s not as much of a statement.”

Just like Sasha Banks, Lynch bided her time and is deserving of the spotlight. Moving back to the injury discussion, a lot of folks think it’s logical to give WWE stars a month off at a time. Blake Oestreicher of Forbes thinks it’s wise to give them off, but by doing it strategically.

Is that possible? The only reason to worry about that would be merchandise sales and generating revenue. WWE officials can figure out storylines and end them at appropriate times. When the demand for a WWE star is high enough, fans won’t be happy if he or she is off for a month or two. Something’s got to give with all these injuries.

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