Who Is Lace Morris Of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Season With Ben Higgins?

Lace Morris made quite the impression during the premiere of ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 with Ben Higgins, and it seems there is plenty more drama to come from her this season. Viewers got a bit of insight into this season 20 bachelorette during the first episode, but everybody is curious to know more about her. What’s the scoop on this contestant?

As Reality Steve’s spoilers have teased, Lace Morris is 25-years-old and she’s from Denver, Colorado. Of course, Ben Higgins also lives in Denver, so that could certainly be a convenient opportunity for the two if Ben and Lace were to click. Morris works in real estate and has a dog named Winnie, and she also has done some modeling.

This Bachelor contestant’s LinkedIn page details that she attended Denver’s Metropolitan State College with a focus on sports communication and hospitality and she worked in hospitality prior to going into real estate. Morris’ ABC profile notes that she has two tattoos and she loves a wide range of music including country, R&B, and rap. Favorite movies include How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Dumb & Dumber. Lace indicates that she typically goes for the tall, dark, and handsome-type, but she doesn’t want a guy who is too into himself.

As viewers saw in the Bachelor premiere, Lace had perhaps a few too many cocktails and while she got a rose from Higgins at the end of the night, she decided to confront Ben about how he hadn’t made enough eye contact with her. Though some have voiced that they think Ben should have taken back his rose at that point and sent this bachelorette home, he has shared that he kept her as he truly did want to get to know her better.

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Reality Steve’s spoilers have teased that Morris will likely come off as something of a villain this season. Of course, viewers will have to decide for themselves whether she’s just got an out-there sense of humor, or if she is truly one of those villainesque contestants that shake things up every season.

After the premiere, Lace posted about the alcohol and eye contact issue via her Instagram. Many seem to be seeing it as perhaps a bit overly snarky toward Higgins and she may well end up rubbing people the wrong way throughout this season. While Steve’s Bachelor spoilers tease that there are at least a couple of bachelorettes who generate substantial amounts of drama this season, it definitely seems that Morris most certainly will be one of them in these early episodes.

Can Morris turn things around and snag Ben Higgins’ final rose? Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that she will be sticking around long enough to cause a bit of chaos. Lace will be on a group date in episode 2 and another one in episode 3. However, there seemingly is more tension again between Ben and Lace during that third episode, and that may well be the end of her time angling to earn Ben’s roses.

Some might imagine, however, that Morris would be a prime candidate for season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise given the buzz she generated in the first part of this Bachelor season. Casting for the summer franchise treat won’t happen for a few months yet, so fans will have to stay tuned and see if that pans out. Chances are good that many of the female contestants in the next season will be from Higgins’ outing, so Morris may well have some competition in snagging a spot.

Do you think Ben Higgins should have kept Lace Morris after her drunken stint at the initial cocktail party and rose ceremony? Do you think this Bachelor contestant is indeed a hot mess as some say, or is she just providing some comic relief?

[Image via Lace Morris’ Instagram]