ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Ben Higgins’ First Dates In Episode 2 Bring Jealousy, Romance, And Drama

ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season has started, and Ben Higgins has met his initial 28 bachelorettes. The first handful of eliminations took place during Monday’s premiere, and the dates will begin in the next episode. Just what can viewers expect from Episode 2, airing on January 11? ABC has teased some detailed Bachelor spoilers, and fans cannot wait to see everything play out.

The network shares that the first group date of Season 20 will feature Ben Higgins and 10 of the bachelorettes heading to a local high school. Viewers watched as Lace Morris made quite the impression during the first night of filming, and Bachelor spoilers share that she’ll be on this group date making waves, as well.


Though Ben did decide to keep Lace that first night, she went a bit overboard, and it seems she will be anxious to fix things during this date. Ben’s ladies will have to face off in various competitions based on school subjects, and there will be a “homecoming queen” crowned who gets some alone time with Ben.

Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that Mandi and Amber are the winning team, and then Mandi wins in the final face-off against Amber. However, it seems that someone else gets the group date rose: JoJo Fletcher. There is said to be some jealousy over Mandi’s win, and the women really buzz when Lace swoops in and steals Ben away during the after party.

One of the bachelorettes will manage to snag some quiet time with Ben during the after party, and it seems she’s been a bit anxious about getting the chance to get closer to Ben. The time they share goes well, as she is said to get a romantic kiss out of the interaction. From the sounds of things, this may be JoJo.


Bachelor spoilers also share that Caila Quinn gets the first one-on-one date of the season. Ben and Caila will have a date involving Kevin Hart and Ice Cube of Ride Along 2, and it seems that the date is a comical one. Eventually, Ben and Caila get some hot tub time, but this won’t quite be what fans are used to seeing on this show. The couple will also have a private concert, with Amos Lee and Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that Caila gets a rose.

There is a second group date in Episode 2 that involves six ladies and a “Love Lab.” The premise is that the ladies will go through a set of tests to see who has the best connection with Higgins. It seems one lady in particular stands out, seemingly Olivia Caridi, based on Steve’s Bachelor spoilers. Olivia got the first impression rose in the premiere, and it is said she gets the group date rose here, as well.

This after party has some fireworks as well, as Bachelor spoilers tease that there is a meltdown ahead with one bachelorette. Though it is not known yet which lady is involved here, it seems she will be upset when her time with Ben doesn’t pan out the way she expected. In addition, Olivia seemingly steals Ben away for a bit after she already has her rose, and this rubs the other ladies the wrong way.

Higgins makes a couple of gestures during the after party that apparently are quite sweet and romantic, leading two bachelorettes to fall hard and fast for their leading man. When it comes to the rose ceremony, Bachelor spoilers detail that Ben will be left stunned by one woman’s behavior. By the end of the night, 17 ladies will remain.

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Lauren Barr will be offered a rose, but she will decline it and choose to head home. Is this the shocker that Ben gets? That may be the case, or there may be some cocktail party antics that have flown under the radar until now. Steve’s Bachelor spoilers also indicate that Leah, Rachel, and Jami will be eliminated in this episode.

Does Ben Higgins find love during ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season? Reality Steve’s spoilers have detailed what is said to happen at the final rose ceremony with Higgins’ final rose, but viewers will have to wait a bit to see if he’s right.

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