Kylie Jenner ‘Freaking Out’ That Kim’s Joining Snapchat And Showing Saint West Pics!

Kim Kardashian is joining Snapchat, even though younger sister Kylie Jenner is said to be “freaking out” over it. Kylie has gotten used to being the “queen of social media” in the Kardashian-Jenner clan, and the youngest Jenner sister is totally on top of Snapchat. But Kim was queen long before Kylie joined the social media world, and according to Hollywood Life, Kim is “creeping up to first place.” That’s scared Kylie, who doesn’t want to be “knocked off her throne!”

Kylie, age 18, got everyone’s attention when she began sharing minute-by-minute updates of her sometimes rocky relationship with boyfriend Tyga after she turned legal age, but Kim has something even better “up her sleeve.” 2016 is the year that Kim will join Snapchat, and she plans to use the social media outlet to debut photos of her son, Saint West. That’s the kind of thing that could easily bump Kylie from her “number one spot on Snapchat.”

But Kylie doesn’t intend to let it happen. She has plans of her own. A source told Hollywood Life that Kylie’s “universe revolves around social media,” and her top spot isn’t something she’d let go of without a fight.

“Snapchat is her bread and butter!”

The source went on to explain that Kylie loves to use any social media, but Snapchat is her favorite and it’s “freaking her out” to think that big sister Kim might start moving in to her “snapping space.” Kim’s plan to debut Saint on Snapchat is the worst problem for Kylie, since the whole world has been waiting for the moment when Kim finally shares photos of her son, age four weeks. But Kylie is “determined” and “determined to be the queen of Snap.” If Kim insists on “stepping into her realm,” there’s a good chance it could lead to war in the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

“Kylie feels in her heart that Kim wants everyone in the family to be second to her in every way.”

Kylie got a headstart in the war when she posted some “very risque” photos using her app and website. It’s a move that has always given the Kardashians a boost, but this time it’s Kylie borrowing sexy moves from Kim, instead of Kim herself in the racy pics. The Daily Mail reports that Kylie “happily put her derriere on show in a thong,” in the hot photo shoot with photographer Susan Samsonova. That’s something that a few months ago would have been more Kim’s style than Kylie’s.

Kylie gave her fans a “sneak peak” of the racy photo shoot when she posted a video to her app, Fans get to see the 18-year-old in “bondage inspired” lingerie as she gazes out a window. Then things get super sexy, as Kylie snuggles into a fur blanket on the bed, and begins “writhing around,” and “running her hands over her body.” There’s appropriately “moody” music playing as Kylie shows off her sheer black stockings and garter belt while she puts “her bottom on display in the black thong.”

this tho @KylieJenner

— Telana (@TelanaMama) January 6, 2016

The youngest Jenner sister only turned legal age last summer, when she celebrated her 18th birthday. Since then, Kylie has been quick to develop a “more adult” look, and explore the world that her older sister Kim inhabits. A few months after her birthday, Kylie did a “daring photo shoot for Interview magazine,” that was a bit of a preview of the shoot she’s teasing on her app now.

Momager Kris Jenner isn’t completely happy with Kylie’s choices, but she supports her daughter.

“She’s wild, and this is how she expresses herself. So I think it’s great.”

It’s a career path that worked incredibly well for Kim, so no wonder Kylie wants to follow in her sister’s footsteps. The question is, will Kim and Kylie be able to stay friends?

[Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Kardashian/Jenner Apps]