‘Preachers Of Atlanta’: ATL Gets ‘Oxygen’ Show [Video]

When it comes to preachers on television, it can be a powerful or pitiful experience. For example, Rev. Al Sharpton experienced controversy when, as reported by the Inquisitr, the preacher was yelled at by another preacher while he was preaching in Hartford, Connecticut. Sharpton was called a pimp. But Sharpton’s not one of the people being added to the newest of the popular Oxygen Preachers of… series called Preachers of Atlanta. Nor are other popular Atlanta-area preachers who’ve been dogged by controversy scheduled to appear on Preachers of Atlanta, at least as witnessed in the promo of Preachers of Atlanta.


As reported by ET, the newest Preachers of Atlanta series will also bring together five different pastors that are located in the same area — this time around Atlanta — and let the preach-offs begin. Like their Preachers of L.A. series, Oxygen likely hopes that the large interest in all things Christian will bring them great ratings.