Eric Jamal Johnson: ‘Santana Sage’ Photos, Perp Walk [Video]

The shocking death of University of North Texas student Sara Mutschlechner, who was shot in the head while driving, has led to an arrest. Surprisingly, it was a Marine who was arrested for the death of the college student, as reported by CBS News. It was Cpl. Eric Jamal Johnson, who can be seen in the below video doing the perp walk in Yuma, Arizona.

Johnson is a 20-year-old rapper who is also known as “Santana Sage,” with Eric Jamal’s music appearing on SoundCloud, as reported by Heavy. In one song, Santana can be heard rapping about guys who can’t tell the difference between certain types of guns, and as such, the ignorance of gun types means they aren’t “street” or hip enough, according to Sage.

Eric Jamal was arrested and charged with killing Sara, as reported by the Daily Mail.‎ Reports claim that Johnson was arrested Tuesday morning. In Denton, Texas, the killing of 20-year-old UNT student Mutschlechner occurred after a party. The killing on New Year’s Day took the life of the popular University of North Texas student when Eric Jamal or others in his party spoke disrespectfully about wanting to have sex with Sara.

That exchange between Eric Jamal and Mutschlechner, as reported by FOX 4 News,‎ caused words to be exchanged that found “Santana” shooting into the vehicle twice. Caught on security video, Johnson drove the SUV and matched the description of the man authorities sought in the murder.

Initially called a road rage incident, the murder of Sara reportedly happened after the suspect was rebuffed. Johnson belonged to the Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron-1, therefore, Eric Jamal was likely no stranger to using or being around guns.

Sara was a sorority sister whose senseless death was mourned by many, and caused a manhunt to be launched prior to Johnson’s arrest. Now that Eric Jamal has been arrested, the circumstances of Sara’s death at the hands of the Marine are gaining heated reactions on Twitter and other social media platforms.


The Marine Corps news release, as reported by CNN, said that Johnson’s arrest occurred at approximately 6:30 a.m. (8:30 a.m. ET) Tuesday morning. Eric Jamal was an active Marine when arrested, and is listed as 20 years of age, the same age as Sara. Mutschlechner was a resident of Martindale.

The Marine base where Eric Jamal was taken into custody in Arizona was located near the Mexican border, but there weren’t details released over whether or not Sage had planned to flee to another country. Instead, “Santana” had traveled more than 1,000 miles away from where the shooting took place in Denton, just after 2015 transitioned into 2016.

Ironically, Sara lost her life while trying to ensure others were safe. Mutschlechner acted as the designated driver, but ended up colliding with another vehicle and a pole after being shot in the head. Her reported shooter was arrested by U.S. marshals, but authorities aren’t sure when Eric Jamal will be brought back to Texas to face murder charges. However, Johnson is expected to be extradited to Texas at some point to face the charges.

Johnson hails from Fort Worth and joined the Marines in August 2013. He was posted as an administrative specialist at the time of his arrest. Sara was a junior at the University of North Texas at the time of her death.

The above photo from the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office displays Johnson. He was at the north gate of the air station when taken into custody. Reactions to the arrest of Eric Jamal are wide and varied and being expressed on social media.

[Photo by Yuma County Sheriff’s Office via AP]