Hilaria Thomas, Alec Baldwin Recieve a Bull for a Wedding Gift

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have reportedly given actor and animal rights activist Alec Baldwin an unusual gift to celebrate his recent marriage to Hilaria Thomas.

CNN reports that Baldwin, who hosted PETA’s 30th Anniversary celebration back in 2010, has long been involved with the group on topics ranging from horse carriage cruelty to factory farm abuses. A post on the organization’s official blog revealed that PETA bought a bull named Raja in honor of the 30 Rock actor’s marriage, freeing the animal from captivity.

The 22-year-old bull, now renamed Baldwin Thomas, belonged to a sugarcane farmer in India and spent his days pulling a cart.

A spokesman for Peta said:

“He will now spend the rest of his days in peace, relaxing at Animal Rahat’s sanctuary in Maharashtra”.

Explaining the wedding gift, Peta Senior Vice President Lisa Lange tells WENN, “Alec is a strong person you don’t mess with, and he’s a vegetarian, as is Baldwin Thomas. The couple who have everything now have a rescued bull whose newly found happiness reflects their own”.

Baldwin, 54, and Thomas, 28, tied the knot during an intimiate ceremony in New York City on Saturday (June 30).

According to the New York Times, Baldwin met Thomas in February 2011 at a NYC restaurant called Pure Food and Wine. The happy couple apparently hit it off and were engaged in April 2012.

Of meeting Hilaria Thomas, Baldwin previously told the NY Times that he “dated a lot of people” after he divorced his first wife, Kim Basinger, and thought carefully about what he desired going forward.

“I thought about it too much, I suppose,” he said. “I wasn’t really ready to take that chance and to act until I met Hilaria. I was ready.”