Alec Baldwin Marries Yoga Instructor at NYC Church

Alec Baldwin has married 28-year-old yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas at a New York City church, exchanging vows with his new bride Saturday in Old St. Patrick’s Church in Manhattan.

As we reported earlier, on the morning of his second wedding, Alec Baldwin took to Twitter to share a sonnet with his followers, posting:

‘Twas a long parting, but the time For interview had come; Before the judgment-seat of God, The last and second time. These fleshless lovers met, A heaven in a gaze, A heaven of heavens, the privilege Of one another’s eyes. No lifetime set on them, Apparelled as the new Unborn, except they had beheld, Born everlasting now. Was bridal e’er like this? A paradise, the host, And cherubim and seraphim The most familiar guest.”

The nuptials come after a whirlwind courtship and April proposal in Montauk, as Thomas described in an interview during their engagement:

“He took me out to Montauk, he said that was as close as he could get to Spain and my family… He got down on his knee, and then I don’t remember the rest because I started crying.”

While Baldwin has been protective of the couple’s privacy over the past week, lashing out at paparazzi as the pair prepared to marry, the event was not a secret one — and stars including Tina Fey and Woody Allen were in attendance at the event.

Matthew Hiltzik, a spokesman for Alec Baldwin, confirmed to press:

“Hilaria Thomas and Alec Baldwin [shared] the occasion with family and friends inside the Cathedral and Alec warmly receiving congratulations from well-wishing fans on his way into the service.”

The wedding is Baldwin’s second, as the actor divorced fellow star Kim Basinger several years ago.