Browns Quarterback Johnny Manziel Caught Partying Before Team’s Final Game?

The Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel could be facing possible sanctions after he was spotted partying the night away in Las Vegas, even before the team's final NFL game of the season.

USA Today reported that Manziel, 23, was seen at the Planet Hollywood Casino on Jan. 2.

The controversial football player first dined at a club and then went to a casino. John Hornaacek, who was in the casino as well, told reports that an employee checked Manziel's ID and confirmed that he was indeed inside the building.

"We've got Johnny Manziel with us tonight," said the report.

Meanwhile, when the Texas native found out that his presence in the casino was causing some buzz online, he shared on Instagram photo of himself laying on the floor, with his dog, and with the hashtag #SaturdayNights.


A photo posted by Johnny Manziel (@jmanziel2) on

He even added Avon, Ohio, as the photo's location.

Manziel was ruled out of his team's last game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday after he suffered a concussion against the Kansas City Chefs on Dec. 27.

Because he was not required to play in the final game, Manziel, who is also known as "Johnny Football," may have gone ahead and ended his season a bit too early.

Despite Johnny's Instagram post showing that he was in Ohio, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam said in an interview that he was not exactly sure where Manziel was at that time.

"Haven't talked to him. I know our football people will be on top of that," he added, referring to the football player's Las Vegas trip.

Another report also said that it was apparent that Manziel was trying to hide his identity when he dined at the club.

Johnny reportedly wore a blonde wig, a fake moustache, a pair of glasses, and a hoodie to conceal his identity.

Reports said that he introduced himself as "Billy" and stayed at a VIP table located in the darkest corners of the club. But in spite of his efforts, his identity was confirmed after he paid the bill with his credit card and signed the receipt. He was said to have partied until after 3 a.m.

Consequently, Johnny Manziel missed his appointment with the doctor on Sunday morning to check his concussion. Later that day, the Browns finished the season with a 3-13 win-loss record.

This is not the first time the quarterback made the headlines in a bad way.

In February, he checked into a rehab facility and stayed there for 10 weeks after failing to meet expectations during his rookie year in the league.

In October, Johnny Manziel was arrested after having a heated argument with his girlfriend, Colleen Elizabeth Crowley, while they were in his car. Crowley claimed that her boyfriend slammed her head into the car window.

A month later, he was recorded partying in Austin, Texas, during the Browns' bye week. Reports also said that he partied at his alma mater, Texas A&M University earlier that month.

In December, Johnny Manziel also recorded partying during the Christmas break. A leaked video shows the quarterback holding what appears to be champagne, while singing.

Johnny Manziel Was Benched for Partying during Bye Week

Johnny's hard partying habits have definitely been testing the patience of the Browns management.

Haslam said in an interview that Manziel's future with the team "will be up to the coaches, the executive vice president, and the GM."

"They will make those calls," he added.

Since he was drafted in 2014, Johnny Manziel has expressed his desire to play with the Dallas Cowboys, and some believe that he may soon change his ways once he gets traded to the team he wants.

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