That’s So Raven Star Orlando Bloom Wanted AGAIN Over DUI Arrest

24-year-old Orlando Brown, formerly of the hit kids show That’s So Raven was issues ANOTHER arrest warrant on Monday over a 2011 DUI case that does not want to die. The warrant comes just one month after Brown was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Orlando Brown was arrested in May after a judge issued a bench warrant because he had failed to show proof that he had enrolled in an alcohol education class, a condition that was reached as part of his 2011 DUI sentence.

Last Friday Brown was due to appear in L.A. court to prove that he had finally enrolled in the alcohol program but he never showed up, leading to yet another bench warrant for his arrest.

Orlando’s camp is not returning calls to explain why he failed to appear in court.

Young actors and actresses in Hollywood tend to drag out their DUI’s for long periods of time, just look at Lindsay Lohan and her DUI case which has snowballed into various offenses over the last several years, hopefully Orlando Brown learns from his mistake a little bit faster.

Unlike Lindsay Lohan it’s really hard to hate Orlando Brown when he releases a song called “Hero” in support of rescuing puppies and dogs in need of a good home:

Orlando Brown actually has a set of pipes on him, if he can stay out of trouble for a while he could really blown up on the music scene, if his actions don’t blow up in his face first.