Madonna Quotes Nietzsche When Talking About Problems With Son Rocco

The struggle between Madonna and Guy Ritchie over their son, Rocco, and where he will live, is heating up, with Madonna putting the full court press on the social media front. Oddly, instead of joining in, Rocco has just blocked his mother from his accounts and moved on with his business. Guy Ritchie has increased his legal team to keep Rocco in the U.K.

According to the Inquisitr,Madonna has gone to court and demanded that Rocco be returned to the United States, but that hasn’t happened. Rocco prefers a simple life with his father where he can eat chips, meat, and dairy. He also wants to go to school, have friends, and be a somewhat normal kid. It’s also easier for Rocco to avoid the paparazzi living in the U.K.

Us Magazine is reporting that Madonna has been counting on an odd source for inspiration in this custody battle, the philosopher Nietzsche.

“Preach Nietzsche,” the pop queen, 57, captioned a quote from German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. “As we enter the 7 weeks of exile and redemption.”

The quote Madonna is referencing was profound.

“One way of measuring the strength of an attacker is by looking at the sort of opponent he needs. You can always tell when something is growing because it will go looking for powerful adversaries or problems.”

But Rocco is not the only one battling Madonna. Sister Lourdes, 19, is having similar issues, but can’t flee the country like Rocco, as they have different fathers.

TMZ says that Guy Ritchie is stepping up his legal game in order to keep son Rocco with him, and away from Madonna. No matter how many Instagram posts Madonna shares, Rocco is not softening his stance. Madonna alleges that Guy Ritchie has Rocco’s ear, and is trash talking him, but Rocco seems pretty firm in his decision, and has blocked his mother on Instagram.

Rocco has also been clear that life with Guy Ritchie is more healthy and loving. Ouch.

As breaking news, Us Magazine says that Madonna will stop at nothing to get Rocco back in New York.

“Madonna has been actively doing all she can to get her son Rocco Ritchie home and back to school in New York,” the source tells Us. A U.S. court judge has ruled that both Guy and Rocco must return to the U.S. in order to discuss future custody arrangements.”

But Rocco is not following this path, and is not interested in leaving London. Madonna is now taking the approach that Guy Ritchie is interfering with Rocco’s education, but Rocco says that being dragged on tour with Madonna is throwing a wrench in his education.

“Rocco, along with Madonna’s other three children, have never been away from her for any extended period of time until daughter Lourdes went away to college last year,” the source continues. “Madonna, who lost her own mother at a very young age, has always made her children’s education a priority along with their well-being.”

But if recent photos are any indication, Rocco is happier with his father.

“The only time the children have not been with Madonna was when her sons Rocco and David visit Ritchie in the U.K. as part of a custody order mutually agreed to eight years ago,” the source tells Us.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie don’t seem to have a normal custody agreement where the child sees both parents with regularity, and it is understandable that a 15-year-old boy wants to spend time with his father.

Do you think that Madonna will find a way to get Rocco back to the United States?

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